A Campaign of Lies: 2016

Elections-Ahead_iStock_000016893247XSmall_290As we face the beginning of the prolonged charade that is the presidential election season, it’s time once again to prepare ourselves for the tidal wave of bullshit otherwise known as campaign promises. Personally, I can’t believe we still participate in this farce we call elections. It’s bad enough that we have to choose our elected officials from candidates pre-selected for us by the money masters. But to endure a year and a half of pathological lying, fear mongering and manipulation as they artfully tell us how they’ll keep us safe, provide jobs for us, reform the government, lower taxes, cure cancer and end baldness – all things they have neither the power nor the intention of actually accomplishing – that just piles insult upon injury.

The problem here is that entire system of government is built on a colossal falsehood. We’re led to believe that the government is the top of the pyramid, the final authority, the keepers of the aggregated power of our great nation. We’re told that it is through our elected officials the will of 300 million American citizens is transformed into public policy, and that our interests are represented in the very highest circles of power.

This is a boldfaced lie.

The truth is the government is not the top of the pyramid. In fact there are – and have always been – people, organizations, institutions and entities who, as individuals and as a group wield far more power than any government official, be it President, Senator, Congressman, Chancellor or Prime Minister.

This can be hard to believe, after all we have grown up in a world where the President of the United States is generally considered the most powerful man – in the most powerful country in the world.

But how powerful can you really be if your position relies on the whims of a fickle, easily manipulated voting population, and if you can only hold your post for a maximum of 8 years? Billionaires have no term limits. Neither do Corporate Executives, Wall Street chieftains, Council on Foreign Relations Members, Federal Reserve Chairs or Bilderberg Invitees. There are entities and organizations who’s power is not up for grabs every four years, instead they prevail, and occupy private seats of power for decades. The leaders of these long-lived institutions are able to pursue sophisticated, long-term, self-serving agendas. Their ambitions are not limited in either a temporal or geographical sense. Their power, plots and schemes pre-date – and will out-live – the terms of a succession of public office-holders. To these elites, elected officials are simply seat warmers; public servants of their will, whom they control and place before us so that we might be deluded into thinking that we have a say in the way our country is run… we don’t.

Barack Obama works for the same people that George Bush, and Bill Clinton worked for before him… and it’s not the American people. It’s the moneyed elite. I’m not talking about the people you and I would normally describe as rich – having a few million in the bank, a few homes, a yacht and multiple fancy cars does not make you one of the moneyed elite. To be one of true money masters you need to be in the club. In this club it’s not simply about the money you have – although they are all exorbitantly wealthy – but the money you control. Yes, the elite can donate hundreds of thousands of their own money to a candidate’s campaign, but they can also funnel millions of dollars of their institution’s money to the candidate as well. And when it’s time for political payback, their status as pillars of the American economic system gives them excellent cover, so what’s good for them can easily be spun as what’s good for the country. Consequently it’s very easy for their lobbyists to press corporate-friendly legislation into the pre-greased hands of our slimy politicians – and for the politicians to then go out and sell those bills as great deals for their constituency.

But the underlying truth of our corrupted system is that it exists only to increase the power, control and wealth of the ruling class. This elitist cartel of loosely connected megalomaniacs has been the power behind the powerful for many decades. As individuals they may have diverse power bases – financial, commercial, industrial, political, military – but together they share a belief that as a group, they know best how to run the world; that this is their game, and we commoners are only pieces to be moved around the board as they see fit.

Though in public they profess great love and fealty for the people, in private the master class are contemptuous of common people. To them, words like Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Sovereignty, Equality are simply terms used to manipulate the masses – they themselves are quite beyond belief in such trite concepts, just as they above petty partisanship. The elite are neither Democrats or Republicans – as these too are meaningless labels, used only to separate the people into perpetually opposing camps. And while they have us squabbling with each other over emotionally charged issues like abortion and social security, they push through an agenda that perpetuates their privilege, their power, and their stranglehold over the rest of us.

And every four years they dust off this hoary old play, in which their actors candidates take on the opposing roles of protector of the people vs. protector of the country. They take the stage with intricate, prepared positions – careful blends of fear and hope. But what we never know – what even the candidates often don’t realize – is that the fix is always in. It doesn’t matter which of these egomaniacs win the election because the secret, unannounced, un-voted-for agenda of the real power will go on, in spite of anything the candidates might say or do.

If anything happens in this political system, it’s because the powers-that-be wanted it, or allowed it to happen… period. But in our corporate-controlled media we are fed a steady diet of manipulation and misdirection so that we can never discern their true agenda.

Take Obamacare. On the left this was portrayed as a program that would finally give Americans the kind of health care support that most other modern countries adopted long ago. Whereas on the right it was vilified as socialism. Both of these positions artfully hide the true purpose of the plan, which was simply to create a law forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance. This was a gift to our privatized hospital industry – who will now have less uninsured patients detracting from their profits. It was also a gift to the insurance/pharmaceutical/medical industries – who have been handed millions of federally mandated new customers. And ultimately it was a gift to Wall Street – to whom most of this new premium monies would flow. So a program, which was ostensibly intended to help the people, turns out to be yet another way of extracting money from the masses, transferring it into corporate coffers and Wall Street ponzi schemes, and inevitably putting it in the pockets of the money masters..

Or let’s talk about Clinton’s signing of the NAFTA free trade agreement. Clinton campaigned vigorously against NAFTA when it was part the conservative George Bush Sr. administration’s agenda, protesting correctly that it would cost jobs and hurt the working class. But once elected, he quickly signed it – claiming with a straight face that by helping raise the Mexican standard of living it would lead to increases exports from the U.S to Mexico – and thus be good for both economies… In fact, the only thing NAFTA was good for was inflating the profits of multinational corporations, their bankers and the Wall Street casino system that makes money betting on them. For average American workers NAFTA has meant millions of fewer jobs, skyrocketing unemployment, a reduced standard of living and increased levels of insecurity, stress and misery.

Next up will be the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership – another “Trade Agreement” which will actually be the the next great step in corporate domination of the world. Though we don’t really know what this new agreement entails – this because it is being written in secret by representatives of international corporate interests – what we know so far is that it seeks to create international legal structures that will make all world governments subservient to the economic interests of multinational corporations. So, for example, if a country wanted to protect – let’s say their shoe industry – from the flood of inexpensive shoes manufactured in the third world, the TPP would prohibit this and allow the damaged multinational shoe corporation to sue for the hundreds of millions they would be loosing in potential profits. And the court which they would sue in… well that would be comprised of lawyers selected by the multinational corporations themselves. So what we have here is a crystal clear example of the powers that be trying to transfer the “soft-power” that they have long held behind the scenes, to the “hard power” of a new class of international economic legislation which they intend to supersede the powers of the sovereign governments of the world.

The Trans Pacific Partnership, like NAFTA before it, will destroy the ability of governments to protect their citizens from the rapacious tactics of corporate elite. But that is unlikely to stop it from becoming law. And during this campaign there will be candidates who lie and say it will be good for us, and candidates who lie about how it will be bad for us. But neither will speak of its true abominations, and both will surely sign it into law if they are elected.

Why, you might ask, would any politician accede to a “trade agreement” which undermines – if not negates – the actual power of their offices? You might as well ask why a manager of a chain hotel agrees to the policies of their corporate HQ. Politicians, like hotel managers, have no “real” power. For todays political players, success, advancement, security and wealth are gained, not by representing the people’s interests, but by pretending to do so while in fact executing the agenda of the money masters. Their payoff is in having their re-election assured by the guarantee of nearly limitless campaign funds, or by the promise of lucrative no-show jobs in the private sector once their political careers are over.

So in the upcoming presidential campaign. Let’s not be duped by the impassioned speeches of these pathological liars. Let’s not fall for their false compassion, their phony rectitude, or their deceitful depictions of the great things they want to do for us and for this country.

These people do not have our interests in mind. They have sold their souls to the elite and they have sold our country to the highest bidders. In spite of what they will say to the contrary, a vote for any of today’s politicians is a vote for the establishment and the status quo, for big banks, multinational corporations, wars, surveillance, the police state, recession, depression and slavery.

And the worst part is… there is no solution. The rot and corruption is systemic. Even if we could vote the bums out – which we can’t – their replacements would appear as if by magic, arising from the same machine, with the full support of, and the same secret alliance to the power elite.

They don’t care who you vote for because they own all of the horses in the race. Whoever wins the presidency in 2016 – they will have their man (or woman) in the office. Your vote is meaningless no matter how it’s cast.

That’s why I’m proposing that we all abstain from voting – all of us. Let’s call it a voting boycott. Let’s be noisy about it. Let’s make it clear we are not going to participate in their fraudulent, corrupted election process anymore. Let’s refuse to rubber stamp their criminal takeover of our government. Let’s not vote en masse! Imagine an election with just 5% of the voters turning out! They wouldn’t be able to write that off as voter apathy – it would be a Voter Revolt! That would send a greater message – and represent a greater mandate – than any election in the history of this country. It would tell them in no uncertain terms that we the people are finally fed up. That we are no longer asleep, that we are aware of what they are doing to our country and the world, and that we refuse to be a part of it.

After being subjected to more lies and manipulations, as these minions to the master class lead us inexorably toward the looming cliff’s edge, wouldn’t it be satisfying to tell them to fuck-off? Wouldn’t it be powerful to let them know – and let the world know too – that these thieves and murderers do not represent us, that their policies of war and debt are not what we want, that their banks and their corporations do not own us, and that we the American People reject their corrupt leadership?

That would be a declaration if independence worthy of our founding fathers.

Hillary’s Oops Charade

HCOopsHillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as our country’s Secretary of State is either big deal or not – depending on which side of the political aisle you stand on.

Sure, the rules state that government officials are supposed to use the official email server for reasons of security, propriety and not least of all because they provide a durable record of the official communications made by the official on behalf of the American People – whom they are supposed to represent.

Clinton, of course, claims that she has the right to privacy in her email and says that neither the federal government nor anyone else has the right to review them. This, even though, just as corporate employees have no “expectation of privacy” in their business email interactions, likewise the State Department’s official policy is that “No one creating records on an official government network has an individual ‘privacy right’ to demand that their emails or e-records should be shielded beyond the reach of public access.”

But that was precisely why Hillary created her own email server.

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer after all. Like her husband, who when asked if he lied about having had a relationship with Monica Lewinsky famously said, “That depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” Hillary utilizes a rather deft, lawyerly parsing of words when she says claims that her emails are private. She knows that here emails don’t fall under the government’s stated policy because her emails were not created on an official government network, and so they are – technically speaking – exempt.

This is classic Clinton triangulation: State Department emails are public, these are not State Department emails, therefore these emails need not be made public. And all that’s required politically for this dodge to work is that she hold a press conference and play it all off as a simple, silly mistake.

But the Clintons do not make silly political mistakes. Hillary Clinton does not pick out a pants suit without considering how it might effect her eventual presidential run.

No, this was certainly premeditated. Hillary Clinton set up this private, home-based email server specifically so that her actions and communications could be edited, sanitized against the prying eyes and the judgmental second-guessing of the unanointed.

Don’t forget, this is the same woman whose very first move following the apparent suicide of her dear friend and associate Vince Foster was to dispatch staffers to his law offices to purge his files of any incriminating evidence relating to the Whitewater investigation.

This is a girl who knows how to cover her tracks.

So now the media will be parrying this political volleyball back and forth. On the left the claim will be that the mistake was trivial, a minor breach of protocol and ultimately inconsequential. On the right they will decry the breach of security and the betrayal of the public trust.

I have no doubt that, if made public, Clinton’s email would expose myriad crimes and corruptions, from the petty to the profound. She is after all a Clinton.

But first and foremost, she is a creature of the Machine. The very same machine which spawned Bill Clinton, Barack Obama… the very same Machine which gave us George Bush I and II. This machine is the sole, true power in this country. It is the long-game, industrial/financial cartel which steers the country and the world toward a succession of financial bubbles and wars of aggression, with the sole aim of enhancing their own power while suppressing and enslaving the unwashed masses of the world.

And what is most interesting about the Clinton email scandal is the very fact that it has come to light at all. Given that all main stream media outlets are owned by a handful of corporations; and therefore, little more than the public relations organs for the Machine, you have to wonder what their willingness to run this story means for the ultimate viability of the Clinton candidacy.

Because in a Machine-controlled media, no story gets published unless it supports the agenda of the elite. The romantic notion of the intrepid, investigative reporter tirelessly tracking a story is a current day fiction, if it ever existed at all. Today all reporters are simply assets of the system, nothing more. You can bet the farm that any journalist who receives these kinds of inside tips or leaks is one who has been selected and pre-approved by the powers-that-be to present the story to the public in a manner which supports their overarching agenda.

So if you reverse-engineer the so-called “leak” about Hillary’s emails, what you find is a Machine which might just have turned on Hillary. Perhaps it’s because of her “What difference does it make?!” performance on Benghazi, or maybe it’s her husbands connection to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express jet-sex parties.

Whatever the reason, anti-Hillary stories like this may indicate that the establishment no longer considers her a viable candidate for head puppet to their freak show.

And theirs are the only votes that really matter.





Why Destroy America?

Americans are greatest, most goodhearted, naive and stupidest people on the planet.

We want to believe in the inherent goodness of people. When we see a someone manifesting evil or acting in a inexplicably destructive fashion, we’re compelled to imagine that there must be a “reason” for such aberrant behavior. You see this when a wife or a husband kills their spouse. We are so quick to accept any rationale that will explain the murder: she must have had a secret lover, or he did it for the insurance money... Our minds just don’t want to believe that someone’s behavior can be simply an expression of pure evil.

It is this baseline belief in the goodness of our fellow man that blinds us to  much of the malevolence in the world.

Today, the ruling class in this country is executing an agenda that is destroying our economy, lobotomizing our people, dismantling our freedoms and turning what was once a great republic into a fascist dictatorship.

But even though this evilarchy is enacting this national take-down right before our eyes, the vast majority of Americans cannnot, or will not see it… why?

It’s because they cannot conceive of a rationale which can explain why a government – which they believe inherently has our national interests in mind – would intentionally inflict injury on our country and our people.

Being unable to fathom the motivations of villainous actors causes us to deny and ignore the evil they perpetrate. Instead, we wave off the shrill warnings of those who are alarmed, and in effect we simply refuse to believe that which we simply cannot comprehend.

This denial of the uncomfortable does not bode well for our society. It’s quite likely that one day we are going to realize that our nation was undone by our own political naivete, our profound lack of imagination and our shameful apathy.

But for today, let’s ask the question afresh: Why would the powers-that-be intentionally take down the United States’ economy and in doing so thrust the nation, and world, into yet another cataclysmic depression?

The answer, I’m afraid, is that the money powers require exactly such a catastrophic world collapse in order to enact the “solutions” which are in fact essential steps in their continuing strategy for world control and domination. Americans, you see, had gotten a bit too uppity for their liking. We had gotten used to life-sustaining wages, to ample and affordable health care, to leisure time and vacations, pensions and social security. In short, Americans were far too comfortable, and  comfort leads to independence. And if there’s one thing the ruling elite cannot abide, it’s an independent populace. What they want instead is obedient workers – to staff their offices and factories; they want gluttonous consumers – to purchase and consume the poisonous crap they pump out; and they want docile voters – to rubber stamp their hand selected political puppets and accept their self-serving policies and their illegal wars.

This is all part of their long standing mode of operation. The elite have always known that in a “free” society you must maintain the nominal consent of the people in order to effect major policy changes, such as sweeping alterations of laws or the initiation of wars. They know that the people – who treasure peace and stability – will resist dramatic societal changes, unless those changes are seen as necessary due to some extreme conditions.

So, when the ruling classes want to make major changes, they know that they must first create the crisis which requires the “solutions” they desire. If it’s done correctly, the people will suspect nothing and believe naively that the premeditated measures were done purely for the greater good.

But the interests of the rich and powerful rarely coincide with those of the people, and always serve to provide the elites with greater wealth, greater power and greater control over the people, governments and resources of the world.

So we live in a country constantly engaged in illegal and undeclared war. We demonize sovereign nations who refuse to be co-opted by our Anglo-American financial imperium. We sign-on to international trade agreements that enrich corporations while shelling our economy. We pass legislation that take away our freedoms and dismantle our Bill of Rights. We are subjected to a levels of surveillance that the Nazis would have envied and an increasingly militarized police state that is chillingly Gestapo-like. We kill people indiscriminately with our drones, torture and imprison without due process.

Let me ask you… are these the policies and practices of a benevolent, freedom loving democracy?

Or are the instead indicative of a government overruled – and in the service of – a military, industrial, corporate, financial cartel, bent on exerting and expanding its control over a vast, world-wide empire.

Do the math yourself. Connect the dots.

And while you’re doing so, take a moment to consider why you so reflexively support and defend the status quo. For it’s one thing to hope for the best. But when we ignore the existence of evil, we also enable it.


I’m not a Journalist… but I play one on TV.

Many people were very upset and disturbed when NBC Nightly New anchor Brian Williams lied about having come under fire when flying on a military helicopter in Iraq.

They felt Mr. Williams, whom they had trusted to communicate to them the important news of the day had betrayed that trust.

They wondered, how could he have been so cavalier about the truth? They called for his dismissal, and when NBC decided to suspend him without pay for six months, there was not a complaint to be heard across the land.

The public cannot accept that their news anchor lied to them – even if it is a silly sort of exaggeration about the perils they have faced in their dogged pursuit of a story. But what the the public doesn’t understand is that this very type of aggrandizement is in fact the very essence of Brian Williams career – and that of every other major news anchor.

Once a journalist has reached the position of news anchor, he or she is really no longer a journalist – they just play one on TV.

Mr. Williams reportedly earned $10 million per year as the face of NBC news. His job was to look good and deliver the news with a believable, reassuringly deep voice. At that level he is no longer required to do the grunt work of journalism – there are plenty of low-level, low-paid flunkies to do that. All Mr. Williams had to do is to read what appeared on the TelePrompter in front of him.

But in the highly competitive, personality driven world of network news, it’s not enough to have a capable newsreader heading your nightly programs… the constant demand for ratings means something more is needed.  To attract viewers and gain their loyalty the networks actively portray their anchors as romantic figures who will travel to the ends of the earth, risking life and limb in a brave selfless effort to bring truth to their loyal viewers.

But the truth is that news anchors today are really simply actors playing a role. When we see them filing reports from exotic, war-torn locals, what we never see are the support staff behind the camera, the assistants, the hair and make-up people, the producers, camera and sound people. We are never told shown how the anchor was flown to the first-class to the location, never given the inside look at their deluxe suite at the nearest 4 Star Hotel.

We never see how the locations are chosen and the camera angles manipulated to suggest great peril, when in fact our hero was never in actual danger.

The anchor is actually just a newsreader… no more, no less. He knows that. But what makes this dreary job acceptable – in addition to the outrageous salaries – is the image he and the station’s PR Department present to the world… one of dauntlessness and bravery in the relentless pursuit of the truth.

So when the publicity departments of these television stations are constantly involved in inflating the importance of the news anchor position, when the producers and editors are forever manipulating locations and stories to create drama and danger when in fact none exists – it’s easy to imagine that someone like Brian Williams might from time to time forget that telling the truth is in fact something that his viewers expect of him.

It’s easy to imagine after many years of play-acting at danger, of playing along when your employers inflated your exploits and adventures, that you might find yourself falling in line, and playing the part – even if that means stretching the truth a little bit… because after all, isn’t that what the job is all about?

I for one am glad that Brian Williams was caught lying. Because his silly aggrandizement actually exposes a greater con – and that is how we are manipulated by the news media to believe things which are patently false.

Brian Williams is a liar. They all are.

And lying about being shot at are the least of their sins.




United we Fail

article-2166260-13d3be71000005dc-549_964x645United…That’s a powerful word.

There’s strength in unity. A people united toward a common goal can accomplish truly great things…or truly great evil. Our once young, rag-tag nation united behind it’s revolutionary leaders – Washington, Jefferson and Adams – and asserted its freedom and independence from the powerful British Empire. But 150 years later, another nation, the cultured, educated people of Germany united behind the mad Hitler and unleashed great evil upon the world.

So whether moved by the forces of good or evil, unity can accomplish things both great and horrific. That is why those in power have devised powerful strategies to modulate the degrees of unity that our society can experience on a wide array of topics and issues.

When a political or social issue is dangerous to the empowered status quo, the elite will create disunity, employing a wide variety of resources in their thought-control arsenal to muddle and confuse the issue and insure that the people are divided and that no consensus can form.

Conversely, when an issue is in line with their plots and strategies, the elite will unleash their propagandists in the press, in the entertainment industry, in the ranks of academia and among the speechifying thought leaders of the corporate and financial worlds – all these diverse sources craftily coordinated and implemented to create among the masses the impression that there exists one, unified Truth. When in reality there is really just one secret, but unified Agenda.

This secret, unified Agenda will never appear in the newspapers or on the evening news. The periodicals that might have exposed it have either closed shop or been assimilated into one of the six massive, corporate controlled media empires. The same corporate and financial entities that that profit from war, that destroy our economy with globalist agendas, that coerce the government to: pass their legislation; to confer person-hood status on corporations, to legitimize their graft and corruption, to allow corporation tax-free profits and socialized losses… these are the very same entities who control what we consume as News, as Political Thought, as Social Commentary and as Entertainment.

This secret, Corporate/Financial/Military/Intelligence Agenda shapes every aspect of our mainstream media, it provides the foundation of our educational system, and it colors the programming we receive through our televisions and in the movies. We think that our thoughts are our own, but how many Americans gather around the proverbial water cooler every morning simply regurgitating what they saw on TV last night or recounting the hot news item of the morning?

Just as we have become a nation fed on Junk Food, we have become unwitting consumers of Junk Thought; a vast amount of corporate-controlled media, news, opinion, entertainment, advertising. As so many of us can no longer cook for ourselves, many too can no longer think for ourselves. This steady diet of Junk has made our thinking every bit as slow and lethargic as our bodies.

The media masters have at their disposal a diverse array of outlets – each custom-made to influence a given segment of the carved-up population. There’s Fox News for the angry right. MSNBC for the angry left. There’s the Today Show for the morning clueless. The New York Times for the would-be cognoscenti. The Wall Street Journal for the masters of the universe.

These outlets can be used to divide the people – presenting each segment with programming that validates their own opinions or arguments on social topics and issues. To the masses this both creates and maintains the desired illusion of a population undecided on the merits of the issue at question. It appears to be evidence of a working Free Press – with each entity expressing its own individual point of view – when in fact is reveals the structure of a corporate cartel which uses it’s diverse programming channels to divide the people, to distract, to confuse issues and to prevent the people from understanding or opposing issues that are problematical to those in power.

You can see the results of this divide and conquer strategy in the many perennial political issues which over the years continue to defy political solution. Is there really no solution to the funding of Social Security? Is it really so impossible to simplify the Tax Code? Are Gay Marriage and Abortion issues worthy of Federal regulation? Is Terrorism really an existential threat to our country? Is it no longer possible to control and regulate our Banks and Financial Institutions? Is it really so impossible to provide health care for our population without gifting the insurance industry with 40 million new government-mandated customers? Can we not educate our young without saddling them with onerous debts?

Time and again, whenever a political issue arises – the only consensus allowed are those that benefit the corporate/financial/military power structure.

We are no longer united in support of what is good and beneficial for we the people – we are only allowed to be united when it serves the purposes of the power elite.

Take the issue of War, for example, one of the only sure-fire profitable industries we have left these days. The power cartel has no problem getting their ducks in line to drum up support for bombings, drone strikes, invasion, occupation and all manner of military adventurism. It’s was easy to unite the people after 9/11 – after all, we had to retaliate against those evil terrorists perpetrators, right? So we invaded Afghanistan… and Iraq?

But wait, even we geography-challenged Americans eventually realized that Iraq was a completely different country than Afghanistan. But before the people could be aroused to oppose this opportunistic war, Weapons of Mass Destruction charges were manufactured, our former ally Sadam Hussein was suddenly compared to Hitler, and we all fell in line, didn’t we? We were all suddenly united against this evil threat to our beloved country, we all supported a military invasion and an ultimately 10 year occupation – this against a country that hadn’t fired one bullet, much less missile, in our direction.

We were united by lies & propaganda to support an unsupportable war.

So now we must live with the fact that the most recent history of our once great country is one of unprovoked invasion and occupation of sovereign countries. We are now torturers and drone strike murderers and fomenters of violent regime change. These are not opinions, they are facts.

But most of us don’t view our own country this way. We still like to think of America as the land of the free and brave, the protectors of the weak. We are able to maintain this deluded opinion because our society’s programming apparatus portrays us this way – even though it has long ago ceased to be the case.

Through propaganda, and wall-to-wall control of our mainstream information channels, the powers-that-be manufacture the United Belief that we are good, that all is well, that America is great… And we believe it, in spite of all unreported evidence to the contrary.



Stuck in Naive

I don’t know if I can find the words convince you, my fellow citizens, family, friends and acquaintances, that the country we love and believe in is not at all what it seems.

This is in no small part due to an unfortunately human characteristic whereby we really just don’t want to know  anything that might disrupt or destroy the little picture of reality which we cling to so dearly.

We want to believe in our country and in our system of government. We want to hold on to the perception of America as the Land of the Free, as the Greatest Country in the World. We want to believe that our leaders embody our traditions of malice toward none and charity toward all. And perhaps most of all we desperately want to believe that ours is a government by the people and for the people – and that our leaders are intrinsically motivated to conduct their affairs guided – first and foremost – by the best interests of American citizens.

Our need to believe these things is so ingrained, so great, that we will knee-jerk-reject any countervailing arguments or contradictory evidence.

Consequently, any accusation, for example, that the attacks of 9/11 could have been part of a government conspiracy and cover-up is simply unthinkable for most of us. And so great is our negative reflex that we refuse even to entertain such a thought. Our minds scream NO!… I refuse to hear it!

And so we don’t hear it.

We turn away when some conspiracy theorist puts yet another set of “new evidence” in front of us, we cringe when we get another email from the “truthers”, we ignore the persistent pleas to watch the latest video which “proves” 9/11 was an inside job.

Why can’t people just drop it already?  We say. After all, it happened 12 years ago! Move on…

But I can’t move on.

Something truly horrific happened on 9/11. We were viciously attacked. But for those of us who have expended the time and energy to examine the evidence, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that at the very least our government has willingly lied to us about what transpired on that tragic day… and perhaps it’s much worse than that.

I know that the 3 buildings which collapsed on 9/11 did not and physically could not have been so utterly demolished and turned to dust, unless forces were used far in excess of the planes and fires created by their destruction. Steel structures do not turn to dust as a result of fire, and hundred story buildings cannot be caused to collapse in ten-second, free-fall speed unless they are systematically, structurally compromised. This is not my opinion. This is mathematics, it is physics, it is science.[For the most complete and balanced examination of 9/ll watch the new video: “September 11, The New Pearl Harbor”]

Something else happened on that day, that is certain. It was a far bigger operation, infinitely more involved, coordinated and controlled than could ever have been managed by the hapless band of hijackers and their supposed cave-bound mastermind.

I don’t claim to know who actually carried out these atrocities or how, but one thing is abundantly clear; there were elements of our government who, either through acts of commission or omission, were complicit in the attacks and the ensuing cover-up.

This was the greatest breach or our national security in our nation’s history, and yet none of those who are in charge of protecting us were ever fired – much less brought up on charges.

Then President Bush and all of his top advisors claimed that no-one in the government had ever imagined that terrorists would conspire to hijack and fly planes into buildings. This in spite of war games conducted that very day which included just such a scenario.

The truth is the government had not only imagined such an attack, they had all but required one as part of their plot for global domination.

In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union the conservative wing of our political elite commissioned a study called the Project for a New American Century. In it, they examined how American military and industrial might could be expanded to fill the void created by the default of the world’s only other superpower. So, in spite of the end of the cold war and the surrender of what had for almost 50 years been Americas only real enemy, PNAC neocons were determined to Rebuild America’s Defenses and Create Tomorrow’s Dominant Force.

So rather than scaling back our military in celebration of the end of a dangerous era, a time when the Mutually-Assured-Destruction of the Cold War held the world in constant threat of global annihilation, the neocons instead saw this as an opportunity for America to re-arm our military and  assert its power to dominate and control the world as never before.

But this, they complained, was liable to be a long process “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a Pearl Harbor.”

In other words, in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union they knew that re-arming the country  – and re-stocking the coffers of the military industrial complex – was going to be tough to sell to the American people without the galvanizing effects of another Pearl Harbor-like attack. But who in their right mind was left to attack the world’s greatest military power?

No one.

So they reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out a Boogeyman for the New American Century… Terrorists!!!

Mind you, I’m not saying that Terrorism does not exist.

I am suggesting, however, that Terrorism is not and has never been an existential threat to our country. That Terrorism has been hyped, inflated and even supported by the powers that be, so that it could be presented to us as a threat worthy of the kinds of military adventurism, extreme surveillance measures, and dismantling of constitutional freedoms – all of which are necessary for their schemes to continue to rule and dominate the world.

We Americans however are stuck in naive. We continue to believe – despite all evidence to the contrary – that our government is a benign force in this world and interested only in democracy, freedom and justice for all peoples everywhere. We think of ourselves as the world’s great benevolent saviors of World Wars I and II. But this assessment – if it was ever thus – has been long in need for an update.

Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… and now perhaps Syria, and perhaps next Iran…

None of these wars have anything do do with Saving the World from Communism, or Making the World Safe for Democracy. Each and every act of war conducted by the United States of America since World War II was done solely for the benefit of the Corporate/Industrial/Finance/Military Establishment Elite.

These Money Masters conspire, plot and scheme to assert their control over all of the money, resources, and peoples of the world. They are directly responsible for the millions of deaths that have resulted from their wars of aggression and acquisition. And you know what… they’re fine with that. Killing human beings – of any nationality – is quite simply a necessary part of what they do. Collateral damage.

And is our own naiveté, our stubborn refusal believe that such evils can even exist which allows them to continue to perpetrate their crimes with impunity and to hide in plain sight.

You Can’t Handle the Truth

You think you know what’s happening… but you have no idea!

Oh, I can hear the minds slamming shut already. “Not another wack-job conspiracy theory piece…!”

And WHAM! The door of your mind shuts.

Now you can disregard this annoying bit of information and go back to your life, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve got it all figured out and that there is no reason to clutter your busy mind with any of this useless conspiracy nonsense.

But before you go, let me ask you one question…

How can you be so sure that you know what is going on in the world – or that your views are in fact based on good information?

Do you believe that we can know the truth about the world from reading newspapers, magazines and watching TV?

Ok, let me ask you something else, back in the days of the Soviet Union when it’s press was censored and controlled in an absolute sense by the government, would you say that the average Soviet citizen was well informed? Or was he or she instead the victim of propaganda, fed only the kinds of “news” and information which served the purposes of the Kremlin.

My impression of the Soviet people at that time was that they knew that they lived under an oppressive government. They knew they were being manipulated, lied to, watched and listened to on a daily basis. So what they developed as a people was a facade of subservience. They acted, for the most part as though they were the obedient, loyal, malleable tools of the system – but in private moments, away from listening devices or cameras they were known to express their true feelings about their own oppression and the dysfunction of their country.

Fortunately for us, we don’t live under that kind of system… right?

I mean, we have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!

Our media have the right to print and say anything they want… so we’re protected from government censorship.

That sounds right… but is it?

If the press can print anything they want, then the first question we need to ask is; what do they want to print?

We assume, for example, that the media is intrinsically interested in pursuing and exposing any and all stories which materially impact the well being of their viewers. We assume, for example, that stories of government corruption and corporate malfeasance would be given top priority, and that editors and producers like nothing better than uncovering political dirt and big business crimes.

This assumption is particularly intrenched in instances where we, the readers and viewers of the news, are being harmed. We believe that the exposure of crimes against us lead inevitably to higher ratings and increased circulation for news providers, which in turn leads to increased profits for their owners.

And we believe – as good capitalists – that this profit is their primary, ultimate motivation.

But what if we’re wrong? What if we have overestimated the profit motive of our news providers?

What if the kind of investigative journalism that we regard as fundamental to our news providers is in fact a very small part of their ratings/circulation/profit picture?

I remember from my days as a paperboy learning that the money that my customers paid for their papers each week only covered the cost of the paper and ink – and that the rest of the costs and any profits made by the paper was derived from advertising.

Today, with our shrinking market of giant multi-media conglomerates each chasing after advertising dollars from a shrinking pool of mega-corporate entities, the importance of advertising revenues – and the cozy corporate relationships that they require – is more pronounced than ever.

Today’s media giants cannot afford to get on the wrong side of their corporate sponsors. So any time that the interests of you, the viewers and readers of their news, come into conflict with the interests of their advertisers, the advertisers win… and you loose.

And here’s where it gets really tricky. Today, those same mega-corporate entities wield enormous political power. Through the millions of dollars that wash through the political class through the corporate lobbyists, political action committees, and now, through the Supreme Courts dismantling of traditional limits to campaign contributions – the same corporations, banks and financial institutions that control the media also control the government.

So now, you tell me, how likely is it that a corporate-controlled-and-corrupted media will report on wrongdoings of a similarly corporate-controlled-and-corrupted government?

This is why there was no media opposition to the globalist policies which enriched multi-national corporations while gutting our domestic job markets. This is why there was no media opposition to the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which transferred trillions of dollars to the military industrial complex, destroyed our country’s financial footing and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents. This is why there is no media opposition to the Central-Bank/Federal Reserve and it’s corporate serving free money policies which have debased our monetary system.

We believe, because there is no overt government censorship of our media, that we as a people are fully informed. And that is our fatal flaw.

We believe that if we don’t read something in the papers, or see it on the news, that it’s not really news… not really real.

And because we believe this, those who control the news – what is included, omitted and twisted in their reports –  can control our view of reality.

This is a level of mind control greater than anything which has existed before.

In the Soviet Union, at least the people understood that they were being oppressed, and that their information was censored.

But we, here in the land of the FREE hold on to the outdated belief that the press is on our side – that they’re one of us!

They’re not.

The truth is that our media and our government are controlled by a cabal of corporate and financial interests whose only goal is to consolidate their power over the world. They are evil. They are ruthless. And we are more enslaved by them than we can ever imagine.

None are more thoroughly enslaved than those who falsely believe themselves free.

–  Goethe –

Winners by Default

USPopSo here we go again. Our legislative branch is once again pretending that they have run up against a partisan stalemate which, because of the intransigence of both parties, will potentially result in a default. And our once great and good country will be exposed as the world’s most egregious deadbeat nation.

But please, don’t be fooled by the hand wringing and finger pointing which will follow, as the effects of the default creates a worldwide ripple effect, undermining and ultimately destroying the dollar and the monetary system which has effectively ruled the world for the past 60 years.

This is all very intentional.

It is hard for us to imagine, much less understand, the ways of power in the world today. We have been blinded by the false idea that we live in a land ruled by a representational form of government. We believe we live in a society with freedoms guaranteed to each of us by our Constitution, and that the actions of all participants in our society are subject to the rule of law.

But what most of us don’t realize – and what many of us don’t really want to accept – is that our government has been compromised, if not completely corrupted, by an immensely powerful and surprisingly small group of unseen money interests. These interests own our central bank, they own the election process and the politicians that come with it, they own all of the major corporations, including our energy, security, military and all of our mass media outlets.

Since the end of World War II these interests have hijacked the wealth and military power of the United States, and used it  to exert their control and influence on the rest of the world. They have successfully coerced the nations of the world to conduct much of their trade in US Dollars, allowing them to print dollars in vastly greater quantities than could every be justified by the size of even America’s great economy.

We have always known that these interests existed. We’ve been famously warned about their relentlessly increasing power by a number of ex-presidents including Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy to name just a few. What these former leaders had come to realize was that our system of government was in real danger. That extra-government coalitions were forming with the wealth and influence to nullify the representational aspects of our system and turn it into a government ruled by the interests of this small group of the extreme elite.

These super elite live in a rarefied world quite above the concerns of individual people. They are the only true world citizens, and as their interests are spread throughout the world they are unrestrained by the petty nationalistic concerns of the commoners… like us.

One of their chief means of control has been the serial manipulation of the so-called cycle of economic booms and busts. They inflate a commodity, or an economic category or even a nation through the injection of debt, and when the inflated entity inevitably busts, they sweep in and buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar. In this manner, the super elite have managed to destroy the wealth of individuals and nations, and gain control of most of the world’s financial, economic and military interests.

And now, the biggest bubble they have ever created is reaching it’s bust phase.

The Dollar has finally reached the point of no return. The trillions of dollars which Federal Reserve has handed to the financial industries, the trillions that have flowed to the military industrial complex in 12 years of wars, all of the massive debt that has been heaped onto the American Taxpayers over the past 50 years, all of this inflationary debt has finally reached the crisis point.

And with their manufacturing investments safely established on foreign shores, the elite can now safely pop this bubble, crash the Great American System and when the dust settles sweep in and pick up the pieces for pennies.

This is their modus operandi, it’s what they do. They will willingly pop this bubble, and don’t be surprised if the Default is their pin.



Can We Talk About 9/11

A bit of disclosure here… I believe that certain powerful entities planned the 9/11 attacks as a “new Pearl Harbor”. That it was a “false flag” attack designed create the specter of a new existential threat to this country which would serve to justify their desired wars for global domination. Our government at it’s highest level is controlled by these entities, as is the media and most of our financial, corporate, military industrial and security institutions.

This has caused some conflict in my life, as most of my friends and family have long ago closed the book on 9/11 and really don’t care to talk about it anymore.

It does not bother my friends and family that the government seemed to know immediately and with great certainty exactly what happened on 9/11. They are comfortable with the official version of the events of that tragic day – a story that was asserted before the dust clouds had even cleared, and which has changed not at all in the 12 intervening years. 

It does not bother them that the twin towers of the World Trade Center appeared to disintegrate to dust in mid-air, that they fell at free-fall speed, or that if they truly fell due to the effects of fire – as the government has claimed – they comprise two of only three steel frame buildings to ever collapse in such a manner. The third building ever to do so is, of course, World Trade Center Building 7 which also fell that same day – again due supposedly to fire – and without the detriment of having a plane collide with it.

In fact, none of the multitude of strange facts, physical impossibilities, unexplainable failures and incalculable coincidences do anything to arouse the suspicions of people like my family and friends.They have simply chosen to believe the official story of 9/11 – and more importantly, to refuse to believe any alternative theories about what might have actually transpired on that day.

In an effort to end the conversation a friend once said to me, “I refuse to believe that the President of the United States could have had anything to do with 9/11″

“How convenient for him”. Was my reply.

But my friend’s attitude is in no way uncommon. The idea that our government could have been behind 9/11 is unthinkable to most people. Inconceivable. That our government would conspire to kill its own people as a justification for war… “No way… I refuse to believe it!”

I understand the reflex… refusing to believe something that goes against everything you hold to be real and true. It’s essentially the same response you can see when someone is told that a trusted parent, friend or neighbor was in fact a cold-blooded killer. Our first response is: “No, I don’t believe it, this can’t be true!”. This is the way we protect our selves from devastating, life destroying news… we deny it. It is only after exposure to hard evidence that we can come to accept that the unthinkable was true, that the person we liked and trusted is in fact a monster.

But the simple truth is that World Trade Center Towers One and Two could not have turned to dust in mid-air and collapsed in free-fall speed unless the entire building – and it’s foundation – was subjected to simultaneous deconstructive forces. The simple truth is that WTC Building 7 – which was not hit by a plane – had to have been a controlled demolition, and could not have collapsed so perfectly and again at free-fall speed unless it’s structure too was subjected to simultaneous deconstructive forces. These are not opinions. They are facts based on the immutable laws of physics and mathematics.

The Pentagon was not hit by a commercial jet. Not only would it have been impossible for a pilot to execute the high-speed diving spiral loop into the building, but the impact site is too small to be a commercial jet. This CNN reporter, describing his immediate, close-up inspection supposed crash site states that there was “no evidence of a plane crashing anywhere near the Pentagon.”

9/11 was a devastating, life-destroying event. But there is no one encouraging us to look at the hard evidence.

The government’s not. They’ve conducted their investigation – albeit it a flawed one, underfunded and only undertaken a full year after the attack  – and then, only on the insistence of the families of the victims of 9/11.

The media is not. They are owned by the same money interests which benefited from the war on terrorism which was ushered in by the attacks.

There is no one out there, acting in an official capacity, who will ever press for an investigation into the truth of what happened to 9/11.

And without the peer-pressure, which in this country is driven by the mass-media, you will probably never feel compelled to investigate for yourself what happened on that tragic day.

So you are free to deny the truth of 9/11.

You are free to believe that our government had nothing to do with it.

You are free to to believe this… but if you’re wrong, you may not be free for much longer.


Life Under a Rogue Government

USSwastikaSo here we go again… our out-of-control Government has decided to take out some asshole, former-puppet dictator, ostensibly because he defied multiple warnings and used Chemical Weapons – Weapons of Mass Destruction!! – against his own people!

“This must not stand!”

Let’s not forget that this is the same government who manufactured bogus evidence and LIED TO US about Sadaam Husein’s WMD in their lead up to the Iraqi war. The same government that allowed and abetted 19 dumbfuck terrorists in hijacking four planes as cover for a CIA Black Op that demolished the World Trade Center Towers using sophisticated military explosives.

There is no limit to what these assholes will do to fabricate a justification for war. And it’s not new either. The Lucitania, the Golf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, Pearl Harbor… American history is rich with examples where our government has plotted and executed false “enemy provocations” in order to create in the minds of American People the will and consent for war.

Shockingly, it’s not really even about manufacturing consent any more. One upon a time the American the government was wary of an aroused American populace and they expended alot of effort creating plausible arguments for their actions… no more. What they learned from the Iraqi war was that they can lie to the American public, conduct wars of aggression, torture, detain and kill innocent people – and the American people will meekly accept it… Oh well…

So, now if we want to attack Syria, maybe get into a bigger war with Iran, there’s no need to go through the trouble of manufacturing another 9/11. Just have the CIA give Sarin to our terrorist proxies, let them release it where it’s sure to kill women and children, and blame it on your next target… voila, instant justification for war.

And even if many Americans are justifiably suspicious of the government’s story, even if 90% of the country does not want our military to attack Syria, who cares! Our government doesn’t care. They don’t give a fig what you or I think any more. Because they no longer represent us. They now longer work for the best interests of the American people. They work solely for the interests of the elite, the corporate/financial/military/globalist establishment.

So when these asshole masters-of-the-universe decide that they want to destabilize the middle east… when they conclude that the best strategic geopolitical move is to take down the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran so that no viable oppositional governments will be left standing in the region… when they actively risk sparking a much larger war, which would benefit their military and banking interests… they don’t worry about what we lowly citizens might think because they don’t need our consent.

Former president, Jimmy Carter recently stated publicly that the United States is no longer a functioning democracy, a comment that should have been provocative, front page news and the subject of editorial debate… but the elite-owned media ignored the comment so none of us paid it any notice.

But we have to start sitting up and taking notice of these things. Our democratic traditions are dying. Our freedoms are being dismantled. Our political, business, media, business and military interests have been united in a secret, coordinated, hideously corrupt cabal – whose chief purpose is to maintain and increase the stranglehold they have had on the economies of the world for most of the past 50 years.

But these madmen have gone too far, and their once secret ambitions are now plainly in evidence for anyone to see.

We all know all their moves now: their assassinations of foreign leaders, their economic hit men, their debt-induced slavery, their false-flag war triggers, their Petro-Dollar/Federal Reserve world money machine, their Wall Street/City of London/derivitaves ponzi schemes. We know now that every single thing they do is to perpetuate their own wealth and power – and diminish our freedoms and our independence.

The government is not our friend. The corporations, the banks and the military are not our friends, all have betrayed us, all have fallen in with the evil elite. But the worst and most dangerous betrayal of all has been the media. Because we have long believed that they – at least – were on our side, and that they could be trusted to provide a public forum where challenges to our freedoms and to justice could be openly discussed, and through which the alarm would be raised when the tyrants or the fascists began to take charge.

But the tyrants are in charge. The Fascists have taken over.

And there is no one in the main stream anything that will lift a finger to protect us or defend our rights, liberties or freedoms.

It’s all up to me and you.