Can We Talk About 9/11

A bit of disclosure here… I believe that certain powerful entities planned the 9/11 attacks as a “new Pearl Harbor”. That it was a “false flag” attack designed create the specter of a new existential threat to this country which would serve to justify their desired wars for global domination. Our government at it’s highest level is controlled by these entities, as is the media and most of our financial, corporate, military industrial and security institutions.

This has caused some conflict in my life, as most of my friends and family have long ago closed the book on 9/11 and really don’t care to talk about it anymore.

It does not bother my friends and family that the government seemed to know immediately and with great certainty exactly what happened on 9/11. They are comfortable with the official version of the events of that tragic day – a story that was asserted before the dust clouds had even cleared, and which has changed not at all in the 12 intervening years. 

It does not bother them that the twin towers of the World Trade Center appeared to disintegrate to dust in mid-air, that they fell at free-fall speed, or that if they truly fell due to the effects of fire – as the government has claimed – they comprise two of only three steel frame buildings to ever collapse in such a manner. The third building ever to do so is, of course, World Trade Center Building 7 which also fell that same day – again due supposedly to fire – and without the detriment of having a plane collide with it.

In fact, none of the multitude of strange facts, physical impossibilities, unexplainable failures and incalculable coincidences do anything to arouse the suspicions of people like my family and friends.They have simply chosen to believe the official story of 9/11 – and more importantly, to refuse to believe any alternative theories about what might have actually transpired on that day.

In an effort to end the conversation a friend once said to me, “I refuse to believe that the President of the United States could have had anything to do with 9/11″

“How convenient for him”. Was my reply.

But my friend’s attitude is in no way uncommon. The idea that our government could have been behind 9/11 is unthinkable to most people. Inconceivable. That our government would conspire to kill its own people as a justification for war… “No way… I refuse to believe it!”

I understand the reflex… refusing to believe something that goes against everything you hold to be real and true. It’s essentially the same response you can see when someone is told that a trusted parent, friend or neighbor was in fact a cold-blooded killer. Our first response is: “No, I don’t believe it, this can’t be true!”. This is the way we protect our selves from devastating, life destroying news… we deny it. It is only after exposure to hard evidence that we can come to accept that the unthinkable was true, that the person we liked and trusted is in fact a monster.

But the simple truth is that World Trade Center Towers One and Two could not have turned to dust in mid-air and collapsed in free-fall speed unless the entire building – and it’s foundation – was subjected to simultaneous deconstructive forces. The simple truth is that WTC Building 7 – which was not hit by a plane – had to have been a controlled demolition, and could not have collapsed so perfectly and again at free-fall speed unless it’s structure too was subjected to simultaneous deconstructive forces. These are not opinions. They are facts based on the immutable laws of physics and mathematics.

The Pentagon was not hit by a commercial jet. Not only would it have been impossible for a pilot to execute the high-speed diving spiral loop into the building, but the impact site is too small to be a commercial jet. This CNN reporter, describing his immediate, close-up inspection supposed crash site states that there was “no evidence of a plane crashing anywhere near the Pentagon.”

9/11 was a devastating, life-destroying event. But there is no one encouraging us to look at the hard evidence.

The government’s not. They’ve conducted their investigation – albeit it a flawed one, underfunded and only undertaken a full year after the attack  – and then, only on the insistence of the families of the victims of 9/11.

The media is not. They are owned by the same money interests which benefited from the war on terrorism which was ushered in by the attacks.

There is no one out there, acting in an official capacity, who will ever press for an investigation into the truth of what happened to 9/11.

And without the peer-pressure, which in this country is driven by the mass-media, you will probably never feel compelled to investigate for yourself what happened on that tragic day.

So you are free to deny the truth of 9/11.

You are free to believe that our government had nothing to do with it.

You are free to to believe this… but if you’re wrong, you may not be free for much longer.


Life Under a Rogue Government

USSwastikaSo here we go again… our out-of-control Government has decided to take out some asshole, former-puppet dictator, ostensibly because he defied multiple warnings and used Chemical Weapons – Weapons of Mass Destruction!! – against his own people!

“This must not stand!”

Let’s not forget that this is the same government who manufactured bogus evidence and LIED TO US about Sadaam Husein’s WMD in their lead up to the Iraqi war. The same government that allowed and abetted 19 dumbfuck terrorists in hijacking four planes as cover for a CIA Black Op that demolished the World Trade Center Towers using sophisticated military explosives.

There is no limit to what these assholes will do to fabricate a justification for war. And it’s not new either. The Lucitania, the Golf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, Pearl Harbor… American history is rich with examples where our government has plotted and executed false “enemy provocations” in order to create in the minds of American People the will and consent for war.

Shockingly, it’s not really even about manufacturing consent any more. One upon a time the American the government was wary of an aroused American populace and they expended alot of effort creating plausible arguments for their actions… no more. What they learned from the Iraqi war was that they can lie to the American public, conduct wars of aggression, torture, detain and kill innocent people – and the American people will meekly accept it… Oh well…

So, now if we want to attack Syria, maybe get into a bigger war with Iran, there’s no need to go through the trouble of manufacturing another 9/11. Just have the CIA give Sarin to our terrorist proxies, let them release it where it’s sure to kill women and children, and blame it on your next target… voila, instant justification for war.

And even if many Americans are justifiably suspicious of the government’s story, even if 90% of the country does not want our military to attack Syria, who cares! Our government doesn’t care. They don’t give a fig what you or I think any more. Because they no longer represent us. They now longer work for the best interests of the American people. They work solely for the interests of the elite, the corporate/financial/military/globalist establishment.

So when these asshole masters-of-the-universe decide that they want to destabilize the middle east… when they conclude that the best strategic geopolitical move is to take down the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran so that no viable oppositional governments will be left standing in the region… when they actively risk sparking a much larger war, which would benefit their military and banking interests… they don’t worry about what we lowly citizens might think because they don’t need our consent.

Former president, Jimmy Carter recently stated publicly that the United States is no longer a functioning democracy, a comment that should have been provocative, front page news and the subject of editorial debate… but the elite-owned media ignored the comment so none of us paid it any notice.

But we have to start sitting up and taking notice of these things. Our democratic traditions are dying. Our freedoms are being dismantled. Our political, business, media, business and military interests have been united in a secret, coordinated, hideously corrupt cabal – whose chief purpose is to maintain and increase the stranglehold they have had on the economies of the world for most of the past 50 years.

But these madmen have gone too far, and their once secret ambitions are now plainly in evidence for anyone to see.

We all know all their moves now: their assassinations of foreign leaders, their economic hit men, their debt-induced slavery, their false-flag war triggers, their Petro-Dollar/Federal Reserve world money machine, their Wall Street/City of London/derivitaves ponzi schemes. We know now that every single thing they do is to perpetuate their own wealth and power – and diminish our freedoms and our independence.

The government is not our friend. The corporations, the banks and the military are not our friends, all have betrayed us, all have fallen in with the evil elite. But the worst and most dangerous betrayal of all has been the media. Because we have long believed that they – at least – were on our side, and that they could be trusted to provide a public forum where challenges to our freedoms and to justice could be openly discussed, and through which the alarm would be raised when the tyrants or the fascists began to take charge.

But the tyrants are in charge. The Fascists have taken over.

And there is no one in the main stream anything that will lift a finger to protect us or defend our rights, liberties or freedoms.

It’s all up to me and you.