Winners by Default

USPopSo here we go again. Our legislative branch is once again pretending that they have run up against a partisan stalemate which, because of the intransigence of both parties, will potentially result in a default. And our once great and good country will be exposed as the world’s most egregious deadbeat nation.

But please, don’t be fooled by the hand wringing and finger pointing which will follow, as the effects of the default creates a worldwide ripple effect, undermining and ultimately destroying the dollar and the monetary system which has effectively ruled the world for the past 60 years.

This is all very intentional.

It is hard for us to imagine, much less understand, the ways of power in the world today. We have been blinded by the false idea that we live in a land ruled by a representational form of government. We believe we live in a society with freedoms guaranteed to each of us by our Constitution, and that the actions of all participants in our society are subject to the rule of law.

But what most of us don’t realize – and what many of us don’t really want to accept – is that our government has been compromised, if not completely corrupted, by an immensely powerful and surprisingly small group of unseen money interests. These interests own our central bank, they own the election process and the politicians that come with it, they own all of the major corporations, including our energy, security, military and all of our mass media outlets.

Since the end of World War II these interests have hijacked the wealth and military power of the United States, and used it  to exert their control and influence on the rest of the world. They have successfully coerced the nations of the world to conduct much of their trade in US Dollars, allowing them to print dollars in vastly greater quantities than could every be justified by the size of even America’s great economy.

We have always known that these interests existed. We’ve been famously warned about their relentlessly increasing power by a number of ex-presidents including Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy to name just a few. What these former leaders had come to realize was that our system of government was in real danger. That extra-government coalitions were forming with the wealth and influence to nullify the representational aspects of our system and turn it into a government ruled by the interests of this small group of the extreme elite.

These super elite live in a rarefied world quite above the concerns of individual people. They are the only true world citizens, and as their interests are spread throughout the world they are unrestrained by the petty nationalistic concerns of the commoners… like us.

One of their chief means of control has been the serial manipulation of the so-called cycle of economic booms and busts. They inflate a commodity, or an economic category or even a nation through the injection of debt, and when the inflated entity inevitably busts, they sweep in and buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar. In this manner, the super elite have managed to destroy the wealth of individuals and nations, and gain control of most of the world’s financial, economic and military interests.

And now, the biggest bubble they have ever created is reaching it’s bust phase.

The Dollar has finally reached the point of no return. The trillions of dollars which Federal Reserve has handed to the financial industries, the trillions that have flowed to the military industrial complex in 12 years of wars, all of the massive debt that has been heaped onto the American Taxpayers over the past 50 years, all of this inflationary debt has finally reached the crisis point.

And with their manufacturing investments safely established on foreign shores, the elite can now safely pop this bubble, crash the Great American System and when the dust settles sweep in and pick up the pieces for pennies.

This is their modus operandi, it’s what they do. They will willingly pop this bubble, and don’t be surprised if the Default is their pin.


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