Stuck in Naive

I don’t know if I can find the words convince you, my fellow citizens, family, friends and acquaintances, that the country we love and believe in is not at all what it seems.

This is in no small part due to an unfortunately human characteristic whereby we really just don’t want to know  anything that might disrupt or destroy the little picture of reality which we cling to so dearly.

We want to believe in our country and in our system of government. We want to hold on to the perception of America as the Land of the Free, as the Greatest Country in the World. We want to believe that our leaders embody our traditions of malice toward none and charity toward all. And perhaps most of all we desperately want to believe that ours is a government by the people and for the people – and that our leaders are intrinsically motivated to conduct their affairs guided – first and foremost – by the best interests of American citizens.

Our need to believe these things is so ingrained, so great, that we will knee-jerk-reject any countervailing arguments or contradictory evidence.

Consequently, any accusation, for example, that the attacks of 9/11 could have been part of a government conspiracy and cover-up is simply unthinkable for most of us. And so great is our negative reflex that we refuse even to entertain such a thought. Our minds scream NO!… I refuse to hear it!

And so we don’t hear it.

We turn away when some conspiracy theorist puts yet another set of “new evidence” in front of us, we cringe when we get another email from the “truthers”, we ignore the persistent pleas to watch the latest video which “proves” 9/11 was an inside job.

Why can’t people just drop it already?  We say. After all, it happened 12 years ago! Move on…

But I can’t move on.

Something truly horrific happened on 9/11. We were viciously attacked. But for those of us who have expended the time and energy to examine the evidence, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that at the very least our government has willingly lied to us about what transpired on that tragic day… and perhaps it’s much worse than that.

I know that the 3 buildings which collapsed on 9/11 did not and physically could not have been so utterly demolished and turned to dust, unless forces were used far in excess of the planes and fires created by their destruction. Steel structures do not turn to dust as a result of fire, and hundred story buildings cannot be caused to collapse in ten-second, free-fall speed unless they are systematically, structurally compromised. This is not my opinion. This is mathematics, it is physics, it is science.[For the most complete and balanced examination of 9/ll watch the new video: “September 11, The New Pearl Harbor”]

Something else happened on that day, that is certain. It was a far bigger operation, infinitely more involved, coordinated and controlled than could ever have been managed by the hapless band of hijackers and their supposed cave-bound mastermind.

I don’t claim to know who actually carried out these atrocities or how, but one thing is abundantly clear; there were elements of our government who, either through acts of commission or omission, were complicit in the attacks and the ensuing cover-up.

This was the greatest breach or our national security in our nation’s history, and yet none of those who are in charge of protecting us were ever fired – much less brought up on charges.

Then President Bush and all of his top advisors claimed that no-one in the government had ever imagined that terrorists would conspire to hijack and fly planes into buildings. This in spite of war games conducted that very day which included just such a scenario.

The truth is the government had not only imagined such an attack, they had all but required one as part of their plot for global domination.

In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union the conservative wing of our political elite commissioned a study called the Project for a New American Century. In it, they examined how American military and industrial might could be expanded to fill the void created by the default of the world’s only other superpower. So, in spite of the end of the cold war and the surrender of what had for almost 50 years been Americas only real enemy, PNAC neocons were determined to Rebuild America’s Defenses and Create Tomorrow’s Dominant Force.

So rather than scaling back our military in celebration of the end of a dangerous era, a time when the Mutually-Assured-Destruction of the Cold War held the world in constant threat of global annihilation, the neocons instead saw this as an opportunity for America to re-arm our military and  assert its power to dominate and control the world as never before.

But this, they complained, was liable to be a long process “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a Pearl Harbor.”

In other words, in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union they knew that re-arming the country  – and re-stocking the coffers of the military industrial complex – was going to be tough to sell to the American people without the galvanizing effects of another Pearl Harbor-like attack. But who in their right mind was left to attack the world’s greatest military power?

No one.

So they reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out a Boogeyman for the New American Century… Terrorists!!!

Mind you, I’m not saying that Terrorism does not exist.

I am suggesting, however, that Terrorism is not and has never been an existential threat to our country. That Terrorism has been hyped, inflated and even supported by the powers that be, so that it could be presented to us as a threat worthy of the kinds of military adventurism, extreme surveillance measures, and dismantling of constitutional freedoms – all of which are necessary for their schemes to continue to rule and dominate the world.

We Americans however are stuck in naive. We continue to believe – despite all evidence to the contrary – that our government is a benign force in this world and interested only in democracy, freedom and justice for all peoples everywhere. We think of ourselves as the world’s great benevolent saviors of World Wars I and II. But this assessment – if it was ever thus – has been long in need for an update.

Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… and now perhaps Syria, and perhaps next Iran…

None of these wars have anything do do with Saving the World from Communism, or Making the World Safe for Democracy. Each and every act of war conducted by the United States of America since World War II was done solely for the benefit of the Corporate/Industrial/Finance/Military Establishment Elite.

These Money Masters conspire, plot and scheme to assert their control over all of the money, resources, and peoples of the world. They are directly responsible for the millions of deaths that have resulted from their wars of aggression and acquisition. And you know what… they’re fine with that. Killing human beings – of any nationality – is quite simply a necessary part of what they do. Collateral damage.

And is our own naiveté, our stubborn refusal believe that such evils can even exist which allows them to continue to perpetrate their crimes with impunity and to hide in plain sight.