You Can’t Handle the Truth

You think you know what’s happening… but you have no idea!

Oh, I can hear the minds slamming shut already. “Not another wack-job conspiracy theory piece…!”

And WHAM! The door of your mind shuts.

Now you can disregard this annoying bit of information and go back to your life, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve got it all figured out and that there is no reason to clutter your busy mind with any of this useless conspiracy nonsense.

But before you go, let me ask you one question…

How can you be so sure that you know what is going on in the world – or that your views are in fact based on good information?

Do you believe that we can know the truth about the world from reading newspapers, magazines and watching TV?

Ok, let me ask you something else, back in the days of the Soviet Union when it’s press was censored and controlled in an absolute sense by the government, would you say that the average Soviet citizen was well informed? Or was he or she instead the victim of propaganda, fed only the kinds of “news” and information which served the purposes of the Kremlin.

My impression of the Soviet people at that time was that they knew that they lived under an oppressive government. They knew they were being manipulated, lied to, watched and listened to on a daily basis. So what they developed as a people was a facade of subservience. They acted, for the most part as though they were the obedient, loyal, malleable tools of the system – but in private moments, away from listening devices or cameras they were known to express their true feelings about their own oppression and the dysfunction of their country.

Fortunately for us, we don’t live under that kind of system… right?

I mean, we have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!

Our media have the right to print and say anything they want… so we’re protected from government censorship.

That sounds right… but is it?

If the press can print anything they want, then the first question we need to ask is; what do they want to print?

We assume, for example, that the media is intrinsically interested in pursuing and exposing any and all stories which materially impact the well being of their viewers. We assume, for example, that stories of government corruption and corporate malfeasance would be given top priority, and that editors and producers like nothing better than uncovering political dirt and big business crimes.

This assumption is particularly intrenched in instances where we, the readers and viewers of the news, are being harmed. We believe that the exposure of crimes against us lead inevitably to higher ratings and increased circulation for news providers, which in turn leads to increased profits for their owners.

And we believe – as good capitalists – that this profit is their primary, ultimate motivation.

But what if we’re wrong? What if we have overestimated the profit motive of our news providers?

What if the kind of investigative journalism that we regard as fundamental to our news providers is in fact a very small part of their ratings/circulation/profit picture?

I remember from my days as a paperboy learning that the money that my customers paid for their papers each week only covered the cost of the paper and ink – and that the rest of the costs and any profits made by the paper was derived from advertising.

Today, with our shrinking market of giant multi-media conglomerates each chasing after advertising dollars from a shrinking pool of mega-corporate entities, the importance of advertising revenues – and the cozy corporate relationships that they require – is more pronounced than ever.

Today’s media giants cannot afford to get on the wrong side of their corporate sponsors. So any time that the interests of you, the viewers and readers of their news, come into conflict with the interests of their advertisers, the advertisers win… and you loose.

And here’s where it gets really tricky. Today, those same mega-corporate entities wield enormous political power. Through the millions of dollars that wash through the political class through the corporate lobbyists, political action committees, and now, through the Supreme Courts dismantling of traditional limits to campaign contributions – the same corporations, banks and financial institutions that control the media also control the government.

So now, you tell me, how likely is it that a corporate-controlled-and-corrupted media will report on wrongdoings of a similarly corporate-controlled-and-corrupted government?

This is why there was no media opposition to the globalist policies which enriched multi-national corporations while gutting our domestic job markets. This is why there was no media opposition to the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which transferred trillions of dollars to the military industrial complex, destroyed our country’s financial footing and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents. This is why there is no media opposition to the Central-Bank/Federal Reserve and it’s corporate serving free money policies which have debased our monetary system.

We believe, because there is no overt government censorship of our media, that we as a people are fully informed. And that is our fatal flaw.

We believe that if we don’t read something in the papers, or see it on the news, that it’s not really news… not really real.

And because we believe this, those who control the news – what is included, omitted and twisted in their reports –  can control our view of reality.

This is a level of mind control greater than anything which has existed before.

In the Soviet Union, at least the people understood that they were being oppressed, and that their information was censored.

But we, here in the land of the FREE hold on to the outdated belief that the press is on our side – that they’re one of us!

They’re not.

The truth is that our media and our government are controlled by a cabal of corporate and financial interests whose only goal is to consolidate their power over the world. They are evil. They are ruthless. And we are more enslaved by them than we can ever imagine.

None are more thoroughly enslaved than those who falsely believe themselves free.

–  Goethe –