Winners by Default

USPopSo here we go again. Our legislative branch is once again pretending that they have run up against a partisan stalemate which, because of the intransigence of both parties, will potentially result in a default. And our once great and good country will be exposed as the world’s most egregious deadbeat nation.

But please, don’t be fooled by the hand wringing and finger pointing which will follow, as the effects of the default creates a worldwide ripple effect, undermining and ultimately destroying the dollar and the monetary system which has effectively ruled the world for the past 60 years.

This is all very intentional.

It is hard for us to imagine, much less understand, the ways of power in the world today. We have been blinded by the false idea that we live in a land ruled by a representational form of government. We believe we live in a society with freedoms guaranteed to each of us by our Constitution, and that the actions of all participants in our society are subject to the rule of law.

But what most of us don’t realize – and what many of us don’t really want to accept – is that our government has been compromised, if not completely corrupted, by an immensely powerful and surprisingly small group of unseen money interests. These interests own our central bank, they own the election process and the politicians that come with it, they own all of the major corporations, including our energy, security, military and all of our mass media outlets.

Since the end of World War II these interests have hijacked the wealth and military power of the United States, and used it  to exert their control and influence on the rest of the world. They have successfully coerced the nations of the world to conduct much of their trade in US Dollars, allowing them to print dollars in vastly greater quantities than could every be justified by the size of even America’s great economy.

We have always known that these interests existed. We’ve been famously warned about their relentlessly increasing power by a number of ex-presidents including Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy to name just a few. What these former leaders had come to realize was that our system of government was in real danger. That extra-government coalitions were forming with the wealth and influence to nullify the representational aspects of our system and turn it into a government ruled by the interests of this small group of the extreme elite.

These super elite live in a rarefied world quite above the concerns of individual people. They are the only true world citizens, and as their interests are spread throughout the world they are unrestrained by the petty nationalistic concerns of the commoners… like us.

One of their chief means of control has been the serial manipulation of the so-called cycle of economic booms and busts. They inflate a commodity, or an economic category or even a nation through the injection of debt, and when the inflated entity inevitably busts, they sweep in and buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar. In this manner, the super elite have managed to destroy the wealth of individuals and nations, and gain control of most of the world’s financial, economic and military interests.

And now, the biggest bubble they have ever created is reaching it’s bust phase.

The Dollar has finally reached the point of no return. The trillions of dollars which Federal Reserve has handed to the financial industries, the trillions that have flowed to the military industrial complex in 12 years of wars, all of the massive debt that has been heaped onto the American Taxpayers over the past 50 years, all of this inflationary debt has finally reached the crisis point.

And with their manufacturing investments safely established on foreign shores, the elite can now safely pop this bubble, crash the Great American System and when the dust settles sweep in and pick up the pieces for pennies.

This is their modus operandi, it’s what they do. They will willingly pop this bubble, and don’t be surprised if the Default is their pin.


An American Apology

Uncle Sam SorryAs an American citizen I would like to formally apologize to the world for the despotism, barbarism, corruption, violence and evil that agents of my government have perpetrated upon the world.

Our bankers have subjected your developing countries to debt slavery. Our operatives have assassinated your leaders when they dared to oppose America’s agenda. We have monopolized the oil trade, subjecting all other countries in the world to the hidden taxation of the petro-dollar system. We have propped up autocratic dictators when it served our purposes, subjecting whole populations to their violence and malign neglect. We have let loose our corporations upon the world destroying local economies and exploiting local workers and resources. We have invaded and occupied your sovereign nations and killed millions of innocent people under the false banners of freedom and democracy. Our CIA has channeled secret funds to Terrorists in order to delude us into believing there’s a threat to our nation worthy of our endless military spending. And they have reaped untold billions as they secretly support the world drug trade and launder the drug lords ill gotten gains through our corrupt banks and financial institutions.

It has become painfully clear in the course of the past decade, that the American Government and its agents are a trauma upon this world, and for this I am truly sorry.

I am sorry, too, that we have been so blind to this dark, nefarious aspect of our country’s leadership, and that we have fallen so meekly for their propaganda depicting our nation as defenders of liberty and justice, while we offer the the world Freedom only to do as the US demands, and deliver our Justice with bombs, drone attacks and bullets tipped with depleted uranium.

Although it is no real defense, I plea profound ignorance. You see, until recently, most of us Americans were under the naive impression that our country’s international ambitions were completely non-aggressive, that we conducted ourselves as an exemplary world citizen with charity toward all and ill will toward none. We persisted in imagining our national character was the same as that of our ancestors who bravely fought a war of independence against Great Britain, or our parents and grandparents whose industry and valor changed the outcome of two world wars. In our minds, America didn’t start wars… we finished them.

Obviously all of that changed. America now starts wars, invades and occupies countries, we conduct ruthless torture and operate killer drones, all without respect to borders or national sovereignty and all in the name of protecting Americans from who… you?

It must be difficult for you to fathom how we Americans could have been so blind to our country’s malignant behavior for so many years. Hell, it’s difficult for us to understand. You see, we Americans still believe that we live in an open society. Caught up in the out-dated notion of  our “free and open press”, many of us still believe that all it takes for us to be fully informed on the major issues and events of the day is to read the newspaper and watch the evening news, so for most of us any news or information that is not covered by the main stream media is by definition either untrue or unreliable.

For example, we don’t believe that there is any corporate control or government censorship of our media because… wait for it… we would have heard about it. The same circular illogic allows us to dismiss all kinds of government, corporate, military, security and financial misdeeds for, after all, it wasn’t in the papers.

And of course we could never believe that there is a hidden power structure in our country which is in fact superior to our elected government. That this group has in fact been running the country from behind the scenes for quite some time. We cannot conceive of how such a secret establishment could ever have amassed the enough power to control of the Financial, Military, Industrial and Security institutions of our country. And since no one has identified these wealthy, powerful and influential individuals, institutions and dynastic families… well they just can’t really exist.

Fortunately, many Americans are becoming aware that our country is no longer the free and open state it once was – that in fact we are living under a system of censorship, surveillance and diminishing freedoms increasingly resemble that of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

I’m not sure how, or if, we can turn this around. The power’s that be are deeply entrenched and we the people are profoundly diminished. But I do feel that the first, necessary step is to admit that we have a problem, and we do… our government has gotten out of control and is now wreaking havoc upon of the world.

I hope you can forgive us our ignorance, but in truth, we knew not what they had done.


Sand in our Ears

HeadInSandAmerica has lost its way. We have lost our position as world leader in anything other than military power. Our political system is mired in party brinksmanship and completely incapable of solving any of our national problems, much less lead us toward a better future. Our economy has been shelled by the profit-maximizing, off-shoring of our industries by the globalist/capitalist elite. Corruption of our media and educational systems have left most of us either uninformed, misinformed, or just plain unable to comprehend the problems and issues facing us as a country and a world. We have become so accustomed to being lied to by our government that we have come to accept their deceit and corruption. We are subjected to a level of surveillance and invasions of our privacy that was once common only in countries like Nazi German and the Soviet Union. And we stand in dumb incomprehension as our constitutional rights are dismantled by the very people who are sworn to defend them. And meanwhile, our once world class standard of living has steadily eroded, with more people unemployed or on assistance than at any other time in our country’s history.

We are failing as a country… and badly.

But oddly enough… we really don’t appear to be all that angry about it.

With all that is wrong with this country, all that has been lost, stolen and debased, you have to wonder why more of us are not protesting. Why there aren’t marches every week, why we aren’t calling for the heads of our elected officials – or at least the bankers and capitalist criminals who have destroyed our way of life.

You have to wonder indeed, what might it take to get a rise out of Americans these days?

There is still a lot of “Love it or Leave it” mentality out there today. But though there is still alot to love about this country, there are many, many things that have gone horribly wrong. The source of the problems are much more complex, more sinister, and more hidden from our view than many of us would like to believe. Too many of us are too quick to accept the simple solutions, or point fingers at the obvious villains that are placed before us. Too many of us fall for the divide-and-conquer mind control techniques of the paid propagandists in the media. We are cleverly divided into right and left sides – with red meat thrown between, us so that we have something to fight over. But we cannot see that we are not each other’s enemy – but all victims of the master class who pits us against one another.