I’m not a Journalist… but I play one on TV.

Many people were very upset and disturbed when NBC Nightly New anchor Brian Williams lied about having come under fire when flying on a military helicopter in Iraq.

They felt Mr. Williams, whom they had trusted to communicate to them the important news of the day had betrayed that trust.

They wondered, how could he have been so cavalier about the truth? They called for his dismissal, and when NBC decided to suspend him without pay for six months, there was not a complaint to be heard across the land.

The public cannot accept that their news anchor lied to them – even if it is a silly sort of exaggeration about the perils they have faced in their dogged pursuit of a story. But what the the public doesn’t understand is that this very type of aggrandizement is in fact the very essence of Brian Williams career – and that of every other major news anchor.

Once a journalist has reached the position of news anchor, he or she is really no longer a journalist – they just play one on TV.

Mr. Williams reportedly earned $10 million per year as the face of NBC news. His job was to look good and deliver the news with a believable, reassuringly deep voice. At that level he is no longer required to do the grunt work of journalism – there are plenty of low-level, low-paid flunkies to do that. All Mr. Williams had to do is to read what appeared on the TelePrompter in front of him.

But in the highly competitive, personality driven world of network news, it’s not enough to have a capable newsreader heading your nightly programs… the constant demand for ratings means something more is needed.  To attract viewers and gain their loyalty the networks actively portray their anchors as romantic figures who will travel to the ends of the earth, risking life and limb in a brave selfless effort to bring truth to their loyal viewers.

But the truth is that news anchors today are really simply actors playing a role. When we see them filing reports from exotic, war-torn locals, what we never see are the support staff behind the camera, the assistants, the hair and make-up people, the producers, camera and sound people. We are never told shown how the anchor was flown to the first-class to the location, never given the inside look at their deluxe suite at the nearest 4 Star Hotel.

We never see how the locations are chosen and the camera angles manipulated to suggest great peril, when in fact our hero was never in actual danger.

The anchor is actually just a newsreader… no more, no less. He knows that. But what makes this dreary job acceptable – in addition to the outrageous salaries – is the image he and the station’s PR Department present to the world… one of dauntlessness and bravery in the relentless pursuit of the truth.

So when the publicity departments of these television stations are constantly involved in inflating the importance of the news anchor position, when the producers and editors are forever manipulating locations and stories to create drama and danger when in fact none exists – it’s easy to imagine that someone like Brian Williams might from time to time forget that telling the truth is in fact something that his viewers expect of him.

It’s easy to imagine after many years of play-acting at danger, of playing along when your employers inflated your exploits and adventures, that you might find yourself falling in line, and playing the part – even if that means stretching the truth a little bit… because after all, isn’t that what the job is all about?

I for one am glad that Brian Williams was caught lying. Because his silly aggrandizement actually exposes a greater con – and that is how we are manipulated by the news media to believe things which are patently false.

Brian Williams is a liar. They all are.

And lying about being shot at are the least of their sins.




United we Fail

article-2166260-13d3be71000005dc-549_964x645United…That’s a powerful word.

There’s strength in unity. A people united toward a common goal can accomplish truly great things…or truly great evil. Our once young, rag-tag nation united behind it’s revolutionary leaders – Washington, Jefferson and Adams – and asserted its freedom and independence from the powerful British Empire. But 150 years later, another nation, the cultured, educated people of Germany united behind the mad Hitler and unleashed great evil upon the world.

So whether moved by the forces of good or evil, unity can accomplish things both great and horrific. That is why those in power have devised powerful strategies to modulate the degrees of unity that our society can experience on a wide array of topics and issues.

When a political or social issue is dangerous to the empowered status quo, the elite will create disunity, employing a wide variety of resources in their thought-control arsenal to muddle and confuse the issue and insure that the people are divided and that no consensus can form.

Conversely, when an issue is in line with their plots and strategies, the elite will unleash their propagandists in the press, in the entertainment industry, in the ranks of academia and among the speechifying thought leaders of the corporate and financial worlds – all these diverse sources craftily coordinated and implemented to create among the masses the impression that there exists one, unified Truth. When in reality there is really just one secret, but unified Agenda.

This secret, unified Agenda will never appear in the newspapers or on the evening news. The periodicals that might have exposed it have either closed shop or been assimilated into one of the six massive, corporate controlled media empires. The same corporate and financial entities that that profit from war, that destroy our economy with globalist agendas, that coerce the government to: pass their legislation; to confer person-hood status on corporations, to legitimize their graft and corruption, to allow corporation tax-free profits and socialized losses… these are the very same entities who control what we consume as News, as Political Thought, as Social Commentary and as Entertainment.

This secret, Corporate/Financial/Military/Intelligence Agenda shapes every aspect of our mainstream media, it provides the foundation of our educational system, and it colors the programming we receive through our televisions and in the movies. We think that our thoughts are our own, but how many Americans gather around the proverbial water cooler every morning simply regurgitating what they saw on TV last night or recounting the hot news item of the morning?

Just as we have become a nation fed on Junk Food, we have become unwitting consumers of Junk Thought; a vast amount of corporate-controlled media, news, opinion, entertainment, advertising. As so many of us can no longer cook for ourselves, many too can no longer think for ourselves. This steady diet of Junk has made our thinking every bit as slow and lethargic as our bodies.

The media masters have at their disposal a diverse array of outlets – each custom-made to influence a given segment of the carved-up population. There’s Fox News for the angry right. MSNBC for the angry left. There’s the Today Show for the morning clueless. The New York Times for the would-be cognoscenti. The Wall Street Journal for the masters of the universe.

These outlets can be used to divide the people – presenting each segment with programming that validates their own opinions or arguments on social topics and issues. To the masses this both creates and maintains the desired illusion of a population undecided on the merits of the issue at question. It appears to be evidence of a working Free Press – with each entity expressing its own individual point of view – when in fact is reveals the structure of a corporate cartel which uses it’s diverse programming channels to divide the people, to distract, to confuse issues and to prevent the people from understanding or opposing issues that are problematical to those in power.

You can see the results of this divide and conquer strategy in the many perennial political issues which over the years continue to defy political solution. Is there really no solution to the funding of Social Security? Is it really so impossible to simplify the Tax Code? Are Gay Marriage and Abortion issues worthy of Federal regulation? Is Terrorism really an existential threat to our country? Is it no longer possible to control and regulate our Banks and Financial Institutions? Is it really so impossible to provide health care for our population without gifting the insurance industry with 40 million new government-mandated customers? Can we not educate our young without saddling them with onerous debts?

Time and again, whenever a political issue arises – the only consensus allowed are those that benefit the corporate/financial/military power structure.

We are no longer united in support of what is good and beneficial for we the people – we are only allowed to be united when it serves the purposes of the power elite.

Take the issue of War, for example, one of the only sure-fire profitable industries we have left these days. The power cartel has no problem getting their ducks in line to drum up support for bombings, drone strikes, invasion, occupation and all manner of military adventurism. It’s was easy to unite the people after 9/11 – after all, we had to retaliate against those evil terrorists perpetrators, right? So we invaded Afghanistan… and Iraq?

But wait, even we geography-challenged Americans eventually realized that Iraq was a completely different country than Afghanistan. But before the people could be aroused to oppose this opportunistic war, Weapons of Mass Destruction charges were manufactured, our former ally Sadam Hussein was suddenly compared to Hitler, and we all fell in line, didn’t we? We were all suddenly united against this evil threat to our beloved country, we all supported a military invasion and an ultimately 10 year occupation – this against a country that hadn’t fired one bullet, much less missile, in our direction.

We were united by lies & propaganda to support an unsupportable war.

So now we must live with the fact that the most recent history of our once great country is one of unprovoked invasion and occupation of sovereign countries. We are now torturers and drone strike murderers and fomenters of violent regime change. These are not opinions, they are facts.

But most of us don’t view our own country this way. We still like to think of America as the land of the free and brave, the protectors of the weak. We are able to maintain this deluded opinion because our society’s programming apparatus portrays us this way – even though it has long ago ceased to be the case.

Through propaganda, and wall-to-wall control of our mainstream information channels, the powers-that-be manufacture the United Belief that we are good, that all is well, that America is great… And we believe it, in spite of all unreported evidence to the contrary.