A Campaign of Lies: 2016

Elections-Ahead_iStock_000016893247XSmall_290As we face the beginning of the prolonged charade that is the presidential election season, it’s time once again to prepare ourselves for the tidal wave of bullshit otherwise known as campaign promises. Personally, I can’t believe we still participate in this farce we call elections. It’s bad enough that we have to choose our elected officials from candidates pre-selected for us by the money masters. But to endure a year and a half of pathological lying, fear mongering and manipulation as they artfully tell us how they’ll keep us safe, provide jobs for us, reform the government, lower taxes, cure cancer and end baldness – all things they have neither the power nor the intention of actually accomplishing – that just piles insult upon injury.

The problem here is that entire system of government is built on a colossal falsehood. We’re led to believe that the government is the top of the pyramid, the final authority, the keepers of the aggregated power of our great nation. We’re told that it is through our elected officials the will of 300 million American citizens is transformed into public policy, and that our interests are represented in the very highest circles of power.

This is a boldfaced lie.

The truth is the government is not the top of the pyramid. In fact there are – and have always been – people, organizations, institutions and entities who, as individuals and as a group wield far more power than any government official, be it President, Senator, Congressman, Chancellor or Prime Minister.

This can be hard to believe, after all we have grown up in a world where the President of the United States is generally considered the most powerful man – in the most powerful country in the world.

But how powerful can you really be if your position relies on the whims of a fickle, easily manipulated voting population, and if you can only hold your post for a maximum of 8 years? Billionaires have no term limits. Neither do Corporate Executives, Wall Street chieftains, Council on Foreign Relations Members, Federal Reserve Chairs or Bilderberg Invitees. There are entities and organizations who’s power is not up for grabs every four years, instead they prevail, and occupy private seats of power for decades. The leaders of these long-lived institutions are able to pursue sophisticated, long-term, self-serving agendas. Their ambitions are not limited in either a temporal or geographical sense. Their power, plots and schemes pre-date – and will out-live – the terms of a succession of public office-holders. To these elites, elected officials are simply seat warmers; public servants of their will, whom they control and place before us so that we might be deluded into thinking that we have a say in the way our country is run… we don’t.

Barack Obama works for the same people that George Bush, and Bill Clinton worked for before him… and it’s not the American people. It’s the moneyed elite. I’m not talking about the people you and I would normally describe as rich – having a few million in the bank, a few homes, a yacht and multiple fancy cars does not make you one of the moneyed elite. To be one of true money masters you need to be in the club. In this club it’s not simply about the money you have – although they are all exorbitantly wealthy – but the money you control. Yes, the elite can donate hundreds of thousands of their own money to a candidate’s campaign, but they can also funnel millions of dollars of their institution’s money to the candidate as well. And when it’s time for political payback, their status as pillars of the American economic system gives them excellent cover, so what’s good for them can easily be spun as what’s good for the country. Consequently it’s very easy for their lobbyists to press corporate-friendly legislation into the pre-greased hands of our slimy politicians – and for the politicians to then go out and sell those bills as great deals for their constituency.

But the underlying truth of our corrupted system is that it exists only to increase the power, control and wealth of the ruling class. This elitist cartel of loosely connected megalomaniacs has been the power behind the powerful for many decades. As individuals they may have diverse power bases – financial, commercial, industrial, political, military – but together they share a belief that as a group, they know best how to run the world; that this is their game, and we commoners are only pieces to be moved around the board as they see fit.

Though in public they profess great love and fealty for the people, in private the master class are contemptuous of common people. To them, words like Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Sovereignty, Equality are simply terms used to manipulate the masses – they themselves are quite beyond belief in such trite concepts, just as they above petty partisanship. The elite are neither Democrats or Republicans – as these too are meaningless labels, used only to separate the people into perpetually opposing camps. And while they have us squabbling with each other over emotionally charged issues like abortion and social security, they push through an agenda that perpetuates their privilege, their power, and their stranglehold over the rest of us.

And every four years they dust off this hoary old play, in which their actors candidates take on the opposing roles of protector of the people vs. protector of the country. They take the stage with intricate, prepared positions – careful blends of fear and hope. But what we never know – what even the candidates often don’t realize – is that the fix is always in. It doesn’t matter which of these egomaniacs win the election because the secret, unannounced, un-voted-for agenda of the real power will go on, in spite of anything the candidates might say or do.

If anything happens in this political system, it’s because the powers-that-be wanted it, or allowed it to happen… period. But in our corporate-controlled media we are fed a steady diet of manipulation and misdirection so that we can never discern their true agenda.

Take Obamacare. On the left this was portrayed as a program that would finally give Americans the kind of health care support that most other modern countries adopted long ago. Whereas on the right it was vilified as socialism. Both of these positions artfully hide the true purpose of the plan, which was simply to create a law forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance. This was a gift to our privatized hospital industry – who will now have less uninsured patients detracting from their profits. It was also a gift to the insurance/pharmaceutical/medical industries – who have been handed millions of federally mandated new customers. And ultimately it was a gift to Wall Street – to whom most of this new premium monies would flow. So a program, which was ostensibly intended to help the people, turns out to be yet another way of extracting money from the masses, transferring it into corporate coffers and Wall Street ponzi schemes, and inevitably putting it in the pockets of the money masters..

Or let’s talk about Clinton’s signing of the NAFTA free trade agreement. Clinton campaigned vigorously against NAFTA when it was part the conservative George Bush Sr. administration’s agenda, protesting correctly that it would cost jobs and hurt the working class. But once elected, he quickly signed it – claiming with a straight face that by helping raise the Mexican standard of living it would lead to increases exports from the U.S to Mexico – and thus be good for both economies… In fact, the only thing NAFTA was good for was inflating the profits of multinational corporations, their bankers and the Wall Street casino system that makes money betting on them. For average American workers NAFTA has meant millions of fewer jobs, skyrocketing unemployment, a reduced standard of living and increased levels of insecurity, stress and misery.

Next up will be the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership – another “Trade Agreement” which will actually be the the next great step in corporate domination of the world. Though we don’t really know what this new agreement entails – this because it is being written in secret by representatives of international corporate interests – what we know so far is that it seeks to create international legal structures that will make all world governments subservient to the economic interests of multinational corporations. So, for example, if a country wanted to protect – let’s say their shoe industry – from the flood of inexpensive shoes manufactured in the third world, the TPP would prohibit this and allow the damaged multinational shoe corporation to sue for the hundreds of millions they would be loosing in potential profits. And the court which they would sue in… well that would be comprised of lawyers selected by the multinational corporations themselves. So what we have here is a crystal clear example of the powers that be trying to transfer the “soft-power” that they have long held behind the scenes, to the “hard power” of a new class of international economic legislation which they intend to supersede the powers of the sovereign governments of the world.

The Trans Pacific Partnership, like NAFTA before it, will destroy the ability of governments to protect their citizens from the rapacious tactics of corporate elite. But that is unlikely to stop it from becoming law. And during this campaign there will be candidates who lie and say it will be good for us, and candidates who lie about how it will be bad for us. But neither will speak of its true abominations, and both will surely sign it into law if they are elected.

Why, you might ask, would any politician accede to a “trade agreement” which undermines – if not negates – the actual power of their offices? You might as well ask why a manager of a chain hotel agrees to the policies of their corporate HQ. Politicians, like hotel managers, have no “real” power. For todays political players, success, advancement, security and wealth are gained, not by representing the people’s interests, but by pretending to do so while in fact executing the agenda of the money masters. Their payoff is in having their re-election assured by the guarantee of nearly limitless campaign funds, or by the promise of lucrative no-show jobs in the private sector once their political careers are over.

So in the upcoming presidential campaign. Let’s not be duped by the impassioned speeches of these pathological liars. Let’s not fall for their false compassion, their phony rectitude, or their deceitful depictions of the great things they want to do for us and for this country.

These people do not have our interests in mind. They have sold their souls to the elite and they have sold our country to the highest bidders. In spite of what they will say to the contrary, a vote for any of today’s politicians is a vote for the establishment and the status quo, for big banks, multinational corporations, wars, surveillance, the police state, recession, depression and slavery.

And the worst part is… there is no solution. The rot and corruption is systemic. Even if we could vote the bums out – which we can’t – their replacements would appear as if by magic, arising from the same machine, with the full support of, and the same secret alliance to the power elite.

They don’t care who you vote for because they own all of the horses in the race. Whoever wins the presidency in 2016 – they will have their man (or woman) in the office. Your vote is meaningless no matter how it’s cast.

That’s why I’m proposing that we all abstain from voting – all of us. Let’s call it a voting boycott. Let’s be noisy about it. Let’s make it clear we are not going to participate in their fraudulent, corrupted election process anymore. Let’s refuse to rubber stamp their criminal takeover of our government. Let’s not vote en masse! Imagine an election with just 5% of the voters turning out! They wouldn’t be able to write that off as voter apathy – it would be a Voter Revolt! That would send a greater message – and represent a greater mandate – than any election in the history of this country. It would tell them in no uncertain terms that we the people are finally fed up. That we are no longer asleep, that we are aware of what they are doing to our country and the world, and that we refuse to be a part of it.

After being subjected to more lies and manipulations, as these minions to the master class lead us inexorably toward the looming cliff’s edge, wouldn’t it be satisfying to tell them to fuck-off? Wouldn’t it be powerful to let them know – and let the world know too – that these thieves and murderers do not represent us, that their policies of war and debt are not what we want, that their banks and their corporations do not own us, and that we the American People reject their corrupt leadership?

That would be a declaration if independence worthy of our founding fathers.


Why Destroy America?

Americans are greatest, most goodhearted, naive and stupidest people on the planet.

We want to believe in the inherent goodness of people. When we see a someone manifesting evil or acting in a inexplicably destructive fashion, we’re compelled to imagine that there must be a “reason” for such aberrant behavior. You see this when a wife or a husband kills their spouse. We are so quick to accept any rationale that will explain the murder: she must have had a secret lover, or he did it for the insurance money... Our minds just don’t want to believe that someone’s behavior can be simply an expression of pure evil.

It is this baseline belief in the goodness of our fellow man that blinds us to  much of the malevolence in the world.

Today, the ruling class in this country is executing an agenda that is destroying our economy, lobotomizing our people, dismantling our freedoms and turning what was once a great republic into a fascist dictatorship.

But even though this evilarchy is enacting this national take-down right before our eyes, the vast majority of Americans cannnot, or will not see it… why?

It’s because they cannot conceive of a rationale which can explain why a government – which they believe inherently has our national interests in mind – would intentionally inflict injury on our country and our people.

Being unable to fathom the motivations of villainous actors causes us to deny and ignore the evil they perpetrate. Instead, we wave off the shrill warnings of those who are alarmed, and in effect we simply refuse to believe that which we simply cannot comprehend.

This denial of the uncomfortable does not bode well for our society. It’s quite likely that one day we are going to realize that our nation was undone by our own political naivete, our profound lack of imagination and our shameful apathy.

But for today, let’s ask the question afresh: Why would the powers-that-be intentionally take down the United States’ economy and in doing so thrust the nation, and world, into yet another cataclysmic depression?

The answer, I’m afraid, is that the money powers require exactly such a catastrophic world collapse in order to enact the “solutions” which are in fact essential steps in their continuing strategy for world control and domination. Americans, you see, had gotten a bit too uppity for their liking. We had gotten used to life-sustaining wages, to ample and affordable health care, to leisure time and vacations, pensions and social security. In short, Americans were far too comfortable, and  comfort leads to independence. And if there’s one thing the ruling elite cannot abide, it’s an independent populace. What they want instead is obedient workers – to staff their offices and factories; they want gluttonous consumers – to purchase and consume the poisonous crap they pump out; and they want docile voters – to rubber stamp their hand selected political puppets and accept their self-serving policies and their illegal wars.

This is all part of their long standing mode of operation. The elite have always known that in a “free” society you must maintain the nominal consent of the people in order to effect major policy changes, such as sweeping alterations of laws or the initiation of wars. They know that the people – who treasure peace and stability – will resist dramatic societal changes, unless those changes are seen as necessary due to some extreme conditions.

So, when the ruling classes want to make major changes, they know that they must first create the crisis which requires the “solutions” they desire. If it’s done correctly, the people will suspect nothing and believe naively that the premeditated measures were done purely for the greater good.

But the interests of the rich and powerful rarely coincide with those of the people, and always serve to provide the elites with greater wealth, greater power and greater control over the people, governments and resources of the world.

So we live in a country constantly engaged in illegal and undeclared war. We demonize sovereign nations who refuse to be co-opted by our Anglo-American financial imperium. We sign-on to international trade agreements that enrich corporations while shelling our economy. We pass legislation that take away our freedoms and dismantle our Bill of Rights. We are subjected to a levels of surveillance that the Nazis would have envied and an increasingly militarized police state that is chillingly Gestapo-like. We kill people indiscriminately with our drones, torture and imprison without due process.

Let me ask you… are these the policies and practices of a benevolent, freedom loving democracy?

Or are the instead indicative of a government overruled – and in the service of – a military, industrial, corporate, financial cartel, bent on exerting and expanding its control over a vast, world-wide empire.

Do the math yourself. Connect the dots.

And while you’re doing so, take a moment to consider why you so reflexively support and defend the status quo. For it’s one thing to hope for the best. But when we ignore the existence of evil, we also enable it.

Obama is Not the Problem

bush-obama2Americans have a wonderful tradition of fixing things. Our inclination is to attack problems; to determine what’s wrong and and figure out how to eliminate the problem. We have in general a militaristic mind set  whereby we tend to treat the remedial processes as war. We conduct culture wars against poverty, crime and drugs. And we so admire the grit of cancer patients who valiantly fight against the ravages of their disease.

Unfortunately our urgent desire to address what we perceive of as problems, often causes us to rush into attacks on the symptoms of our problems rather than their more difficult to discern causes.

We fight cancer by attacking the tumors – rather than seek to discover the reason that the tumors grow in the first place. We battle poverty by doling our chump change to our poor – rather than figure out why it is  that the one the greatest economies in the history of man cannot fully employ it’s own people, even while employing millions of workers in foreign countries. We jail drug users at considerable expense to society – rather than addressing the psycho-social issues that lead to rampant drug abuse.

Our political process is no different. We live in an era of political stalemate where almost none of the problems and challenges which beset society can find any resolution. Conveniently herded into two opposing camps, the problems of our country are forever the fault of the opposing party and their representatives. The ills of our nations the symptoms of their misguided mismanagement and corruption.

Meanwhile in administration after administration we are subjected to systemic failure in regard to  the promotion of  our general welfare, the protection of our freedoms.

Barack Obama is the figurehead of the moment, the man chosen to occupy the office of the presidency during what were inevitably going to be very difficult times for this country. The difficulties we face today are the results of many decades of errant leadership, financial and corporate malfeasance, political corruption and overall failure to adhere to core ideals and principles that were fundamental to the growth and development of this once great nation.

Our financial institutions have been allowed to devolve from vital instruments for capital investment to something like mob-run casinos, where the crooked owners are allowed sit at the rigged tables and place their own bets against the unwary dupes like us. This unleashing of  malignant Wall Street greed has twisted our economy away from a proper focus on tangible manufacturing and production, to one obsessed with the financial agendas of the decreasingly-national and increasingly-globalist banking and corporate elite.

If you really wanted to pick someone to blame for this situation – and I know you do – Bill Clinton might be a reasonable choice. He was, after all the one who signed the bill which repealed the Glass Steagall Act which had protected us from Wall Street since the Great Depression.

But Bill Clinton is not the problem.

During the Clinton Administration, our country experienced a period of great prosperity. Millions of average americans experienced a new sense of wealth via the Dot com bubble and the Real Estate bubble economy that followed. The collapse of the Soviet Union caused a massive decline in military expenditures and the government for the first time in modern history experienced a budgetary surplus.

Then came the Bush Administration.

Improbably, 19 Saudi terrorists armed only with boxcutters were able to commandeer 4 planes, fly them expertly into 3 buildings without interference from the most sophisticated air defense systems in the world, and cause the collapse of three World Trade Center towers (one of which was not even hit) and the destruction of a financial department in the Pentagon. Bush pledged an immediate and full investigation (which was grudgingly initiated over a year later) and immediate dusted off a war plan which had been drawn up 8 years earlier to invade… Iraq.

Twelve years later we have experienced the endless, budget-busting war on terror. Military expenditures have gone stratospheric. The productive capacities of our country has been out-sourced to the third world, corporate profits and taxes are sheltered in island havens, corporations are sitting on massive piles of money, and yet we Americans suffer unemployment at levels not seen in 80 years. The Bush administration pushed through constitution-destroying measures with its Patriot Act, and ushered in a new era of Police State Fascism with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, so that today we may have the right to remain silent, but anything we say on the phone, type on the computer can be used against us.

But even George Bush is not the problem.

Clinton, Bush, Obama… none of these men were the problem… they were merely symptoms of a diseased political system. Cut them out and another one replaces them.

See, we believe that the President is the Most Powerful Man in the World and thus endowed with the ability to impose his personal will on the massively large, mostly secret, and incredibly complex network that constitutes the matrix of power in this country and the world… this is naiveté of the highest order.

What we refuse to recognize is that there are elements in our society which are infinitely more powerful and far more persistent and long-lived than any temporarily elected official could ever be. These are individuals and organizations whose 10 thousand Lobbyists spend $3 Billion each year  to influence and control the 535 members of Congress. The same people who, thanks to the Supreme Courts dismantling of long-standing campaign finance limits, now effectively control who can run for office as well as who will ultimately win. And they are the same people who own our media, our military industrial complex, our financial, oil and pharmaceutical industries.

The real problem is that our government is owned. We persist in believing that our elected officials work for and represent us… but the sad fact is that their true constituency – the only people who’s “vote” they really care about – are the money masters who place them and keep them in office, who lavish them with privilege and wealth, and who offer them rich private sector positions once they leave government.

Obama, Bush, Clinton… they are not the problem.

The Power Elite are the problem. They have corrupted our politicians, they have rendered the electoral process meaningless, and they have for many years enforced upon our government political and social agendas aimed – not at the betterment of the American people – but focused solely on the increase of their behind-the-scenes control and the perpetuation of their power over this country and the rest of the world.

And until we become aware and recognize the true source of the problems in this country and the world… nothing is going to change.





Sand in our Ears

HeadInSandAmerica has lost its way. We have lost our position as world leader in anything other than military power. Our political system is mired in party brinksmanship and completely incapable of solving any of our national problems, much less lead us toward a better future. Our economy has been shelled by the profit-maximizing, off-shoring of our industries by the globalist/capitalist elite. Corruption of our media and educational systems have left most of us either uninformed, misinformed, or just plain unable to comprehend the problems and issues facing us as a country and a world. We have become so accustomed to being lied to by our government that we have come to accept their deceit and corruption. We are subjected to a level of surveillance and invasions of our privacy that was once common only in countries like Nazi German and the Soviet Union. And we stand in dumb incomprehension as our constitutional rights are dismantled by the very people who are sworn to defend them. And meanwhile, our once world class standard of living has steadily eroded, with more people unemployed or on assistance than at any other time in our country’s history.

We are failing as a country… and badly.

But oddly enough… we really don’t appear to be all that angry about it.

With all that is wrong with this country, all that has been lost, stolen and debased, you have to wonder why more of us are not protesting. Why there aren’t marches every week, why we aren’t calling for the heads of our elected officials – or at least the bankers and capitalist criminals who have destroyed our way of life.

You have to wonder indeed, what might it take to get a rise out of Americans these days?

There is still a lot of “Love it or Leave it” mentality out there today. But though there is still alot to love about this country, there are many, many things that have gone horribly wrong. The source of the problems are much more complex, more sinister, and more hidden from our view than many of us would like to believe. Too many of us are too quick to accept the simple solutions, or point fingers at the obvious villains that are placed before us. Too many of us fall for the divide-and-conquer mind control techniques of the paid propagandists in the media. We are cleverly divided into right and left sides – with red meat thrown between, us so that we have something to fight over. But we cannot see that we are not each other’s enemy – but all victims of the master class who pits us against one another.