Hillary’s Oops Charade

HCOopsHillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as our country’s Secretary of State is either big deal or not – depending on which side of the political aisle you stand on.

Sure, the rules state that government officials are supposed to use the official email server for reasons of security, propriety and not least of all because they provide a durable record of the official communications made by the official on behalf of the American People – whom they are supposed to represent.

Clinton, of course, claims that she has the right to privacy in her email and says that neither the federal government nor anyone else has the right to review them. This, even though, just as corporate employees have no “expectation of privacy” in their business email interactions, likewise the State Department’s official policy is that “No one creating records on an official government network has an individual ‘privacy right’ to demand that their emails or e-records should be shielded beyond the reach of public access.”

But that was precisely why Hillary created her own email server.

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer after all. Like her husband, who when asked if he lied about having had a relationship with Monica Lewinsky famously said, “That depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” Hillary utilizes a rather deft, lawyerly parsing of words when she says claims that her emails are private. She knows that here emails don’t fall under the government’s stated policy because her emails were not created on an official government network, and so they are – technically speaking – exempt.

This is classic Clinton triangulation: State Department emails are public, these are not State Department emails, therefore these emails need not be made public. And all that’s required politically for this dodge to work is that she hold a press conference and play it all off as a simple, silly mistake.

But the Clintons do not make silly political mistakes. Hillary Clinton does not pick out a pants suit without considering how it might effect her eventual presidential run.

No, this was certainly premeditated. Hillary Clinton set up this private, home-based email server specifically so that her actions and communications could be edited, sanitized against the prying eyes and the judgmental second-guessing of the unanointed.

Don’t forget, this is the same woman whose very first move following the apparent suicide of her dear friend and associate Vince Foster was to dispatch staffers to his law offices to purge his files of any incriminating evidence relating to the Whitewater investigation.

This is a girl who knows how to cover her tracks.

So now the media will be parrying this political volleyball back and forth. On the left the claim will be that the mistake was trivial, a minor breach of protocol and ultimately inconsequential. On the right they will decry the breach of security and the betrayal of the public trust.

I have no doubt that, if made public, Clinton’s email would expose myriad crimes and corruptions, from the petty to the profound. She is after all a Clinton.

But first and foremost, she is a creature of the Machine. The very same machine which spawned Bill Clinton, Barack Obama… the very same Machine which gave us George Bush I and II. This machine is the sole, true power in this country. It is the long-game, industrial/financial cartel which steers the country and the world toward a succession of financial bubbles and wars of aggression, with the sole aim of enhancing their own power while suppressing and enslaving the unwashed masses of the world.

And what is most interesting about the Clinton email scandal is the very fact that it has come to light at all. Given that all main stream media outlets are owned by a handful of corporations; and therefore, little more than the public relations organs for the Machine, you have to wonder what their willingness to run this story means for the ultimate viability of the Clinton candidacy.

Because in a Machine-controlled media, no story gets published unless it supports the agenda of the elite. The romantic notion of the intrepid, investigative reporter tirelessly tracking a story is a current day fiction, if it ever existed at all. Today all reporters are simply assets of the system, nothing more. You can bet the farm that any journalist who receives these kinds of inside tips or leaks is one who has been selected and pre-approved by the powers-that-be to present the story to the public in a manner which supports their overarching agenda.

So if you reverse-engineer the so-called “leak” about Hillary’s emails, what you find is a Machine which might just have turned on Hillary. Perhaps it’s because of her “What difference does it make?!” performance on Benghazi, or maybe it’s her husbands connection to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express jet-sex parties.

Whatever the reason, anti-Hillary stories like this may indicate that the establishment no longer considers her a viable candidate for head puppet to their freak show.

And theirs are the only votes that really matter.