Why Destroy America?

Americans are greatest, most goodhearted, naive and stupidest people on the planet.

We want to believe in the inherent goodness of people. When we see a someone manifesting evil or acting in a inexplicably destructive fashion, we’re compelled to imagine that there must be a “reason” for such aberrant behavior. You see this when a wife or a husband kills their spouse. We are so quick to accept any rationale that will explain the murder: she must have had a secret lover, or he did it for the insurance money... Our minds just don’t want to believe that someone’s behavior can be simply an expression of pure evil.

It is this baseline belief in the goodness of our fellow man that blinds us to  much of the malevolence in the world.

Today, the ruling class in this country is executing an agenda that is destroying our economy, lobotomizing our people, dismantling our freedoms and turning what was once a great republic into a fascist dictatorship.

But even though this evilarchy is enacting this national take-down right before our eyes, the vast majority of Americans cannnot, or will not see it… why?

It’s because they cannot conceive of a rationale which can explain why a government – which they believe inherently has our national interests in mind – would intentionally inflict injury on our country and our people.

Being unable to fathom the motivations of villainous actors causes us to deny and ignore the evil they perpetrate. Instead, we wave off the shrill warnings of those who are alarmed, and in effect we simply refuse to believe that which we simply cannot comprehend.

This denial of the uncomfortable does not bode well for our society. It’s quite likely that one day we are going to realize that our nation was undone by our own political naivete, our profound lack of imagination and our shameful apathy.

But for today, let’s ask the question afresh: Why would the powers-that-be intentionally take down the United States’ economy and in doing so thrust the nation, and world, into yet another cataclysmic depression?

The answer, I’m afraid, is that the money powers require exactly such a catastrophic world collapse in order to enact the “solutions” which are in fact essential steps in their continuing strategy for world control and domination. Americans, you see, had gotten a bit too uppity for their liking. We had gotten used to life-sustaining wages, to ample and affordable health care, to leisure time and vacations, pensions and social security. In short, Americans were far too comfortable, and  comfort leads to independence. And if there’s one thing the ruling elite cannot abide, it’s an independent populace. What they want instead is obedient workers – to staff their offices and factories; they want gluttonous consumers – to purchase and consume the poisonous crap they pump out; and they want docile voters – to rubber stamp their hand selected political puppets and accept their self-serving policies and their illegal wars.

This is all part of their long standing mode of operation. The elite have always known that in a “free” society you must maintain the nominal consent of the people in order to effect major policy changes, such as sweeping alterations of laws or the initiation of wars. They know that the people – who treasure peace and stability – will resist dramatic societal changes, unless those changes are seen as necessary due to some extreme conditions.

So, when the ruling classes want to make major changes, they know that they must first create the crisis which requires the “solutions” they desire. If it’s done correctly, the people will suspect nothing and believe naively that the premeditated measures were done purely for the greater good.

But the interests of the rich and powerful rarely coincide with those of the people, and always serve to provide the elites with greater wealth, greater power and greater control over the people, governments and resources of the world.

So we live in a country constantly engaged in illegal and undeclared war. We demonize sovereign nations who refuse to be co-opted by our Anglo-American financial imperium. We sign-on to international trade agreements that enrich corporations while shelling our economy. We pass legislation that take away our freedoms and dismantle our Bill of Rights. We are subjected to a levels of surveillance that the Nazis would have envied and an increasingly militarized police state that is chillingly Gestapo-like. We kill people indiscriminately with our drones, torture and imprison without due process.

Let me ask you… are these the policies and practices of a benevolent, freedom loving democracy?

Or are the instead indicative of a government overruled – and in the service of – a military, industrial, corporate, financial cartel, bent on exerting and expanding its control over a vast, world-wide empire.

Do the math yourself. Connect the dots.

And while you’re doing so, take a moment to consider why you so reflexively support and defend the status quo. For it’s one thing to hope for the best. But when we ignore the existence of evil, we also enable it.


Can We Talk About 9/11

A bit of disclosure here… I believe that certain powerful entities planned the 9/11 attacks as a “new Pearl Harbor”. That it was a “false flag” attack designed create the specter of a new existential threat to this country which would serve to justify their desired wars for global domination. Our government at it’s highest level is controlled by these entities, as is the media and most of our financial, corporate, military industrial and security institutions.

This has caused some conflict in my life, as most of my friends and family have long ago closed the book on 9/11 and really don’t care to talk about it anymore.

It does not bother my friends and family that the government seemed to know immediately and with great certainty exactly what happened on 9/11. They are comfortable with the official version of the events of that tragic day – a story that was asserted before the dust clouds had even cleared, and which has changed not at all in the 12 intervening years. 

It does not bother them that the twin towers of the World Trade Center appeared to disintegrate to dust in mid-air, that they fell at free-fall speed, or that if they truly fell due to the effects of fire – as the government has claimed – they comprise two of only three steel frame buildings to ever collapse in such a manner. The third building ever to do so is, of course, World Trade Center Building 7 which also fell that same day – again due supposedly to fire – and without the detriment of having a plane collide with it.

In fact, none of the multitude of strange facts, physical impossibilities, unexplainable failures and incalculable coincidences do anything to arouse the suspicions of people like my family and friends.They have simply chosen to believe the official story of 9/11 – and more importantly, to refuse to believe any alternative theories about what might have actually transpired on that day.

In an effort to end the conversation a friend once said to me, “I refuse to believe that the President of the United States could have had anything to do with 9/11″

“How convenient for him”. Was my reply.

But my friend’s attitude is in no way uncommon. The idea that our government could have been behind 9/11 is unthinkable to most people. Inconceivable. That our government would conspire to kill its own people as a justification for war… “No way… I refuse to believe it!”

I understand the reflex… refusing to believe something that goes against everything you hold to be real and true. It’s essentially the same response you can see when someone is told that a trusted parent, friend or neighbor was in fact a cold-blooded killer. Our first response is: “No, I don’t believe it, this can’t be true!”. This is the way we protect our selves from devastating, life destroying news… we deny it. It is only after exposure to hard evidence that we can come to accept that the unthinkable was true, that the person we liked and trusted is in fact a monster.

But the simple truth is that World Trade Center Towers One and Two could not have turned to dust in mid-air and collapsed in free-fall speed unless the entire building – and it’s foundation – was subjected to simultaneous deconstructive forces. The simple truth is that WTC Building 7 – which was not hit by a plane – had to have been a controlled demolition, and could not have collapsed so perfectly and again at free-fall speed unless it’s structure too was subjected to simultaneous deconstructive forces. These are not opinions. They are facts based on the immutable laws of physics and mathematics.

The Pentagon was not hit by a commercial jet. Not only would it have been impossible for a pilot to execute the high-speed diving spiral loop into the building, but the impact site is too small to be a commercial jet. This CNN reporter, describing his immediate, close-up inspection supposed crash site states that there was “no evidence of a plane crashing anywhere near the Pentagon.”

9/11 was a devastating, life-destroying event. But there is no one encouraging us to look at the hard evidence.

The government’s not. They’ve conducted their investigation – albeit it a flawed one, underfunded and only undertaken a full year after the attack  – and then, only on the insistence of the families of the victims of 9/11.

The media is not. They are owned by the same money interests which benefited from the war on terrorism which was ushered in by the attacks.

There is no one out there, acting in an official capacity, who will ever press for an investigation into the truth of what happened to 9/11.

And without the peer-pressure, which in this country is driven by the mass-media, you will probably never feel compelled to investigate for yourself what happened on that tragic day.

So you are free to deny the truth of 9/11.

You are free to believe that our government had nothing to do with it.

You are free to to believe this… but if you’re wrong, you may not be free for much longer.